HELL FREEZES OVER: Joy Behar APOLOGIZES for Phony Trump Report | Sean Hannity

Liberal comedian Joy Behar did the unthinkable on Monday, apologizing for touting a false ABC news report that claimed President Trump asked former National Security Adviser to contact Russian officials while he was actively running for the presidency.

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Seriously she jumps on anything Anti-Trump.
She is a horrible person just as horrible as she says Trump is.

At least she apologizes for getting something wrong. Something Trump has never felt compelled to do.

I guess you’d say she’s a horrible person but less horrible than Trump.

She has lied a lot and said far worse than Rosanne and Samantha Bee she is apologizing like every month for Something she said or does.

Trump Lies tell me something NEW I don’t know.

People like Joy are the type of people that are going to get Trump Re-elected and the Republicans back in office this Midterm .
They keep yelling about Trump and Fake news and then spew the crap and then apologize strengthen the view many people have of these Progressives.
Then you have old man Sanders out attacking Disney and has no clue what he is talking about because Disney has already been working with a Union and looking to raise wages to 15 dollars an hour by 2020
Yet Sanders own state is a mess.
So Yea Trump lies but the economy, workforce, and his roll back of some of these regulations have helped. The last one he rolled back has helped a friend of mine who as ALS who is now hopping he can get the experimental treatment that has worked on others. So Yea Trump lies and he doesn’t appear all presidential but he making things happen in good ways.

Sorry you don’t like what he is doing but or cry about him not being presidential at all.
So yea whoopee Joe made yet another apology in a long line of frack ups she has done.

You have a massive double standard. Behar is scum because she lies. Trump isn’t when he lies.

I have no double standard.
I think Trump is a horrible individual and he is a sexist pig. But he always has been that way. I have said that many times in this forum and the old.

I just separate the policy’s he does from the man personally.

The ends justify the mean for you.