HELL FREEZES OVER: Elizabeth Warren ADMITS Tax Cuts Are WORKING | Sean Hannity

Hyper-liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren was forced to eat her own words on Friday, directly acknowledging that the GOP tax plan was helping millions of working-class families across the United States; adding she’s “in favor of all of that.”

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Senator Warren did not admit tax cuts are “working”. She said she is glad there were some (minimal) benefits to a few American workers. The reality is that only a small percentage of companies gave bonuses and less than ten percent of corporate tax savings have to employees. Most of the money went to stockholders and upper-upper management in the form of stock buybacks and (magnificent) bonuses.

Even more despicable, the Republican Congressional leadership are pushing cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to pay for the tax cuts for the rich and corporations. (Round 2 coming soon to a Congress near you.) That will hurt the working class…and even the upper levels of the middle class. Top 10% of “earners” will be the beneficiaries of Republican policy.

Lesson: If a candidate is Republican, don’t voter for him/her. Their fealty is to their donor class.

the regular Joe tax cuts are being looked at for making them permanent. so the argument that its not working will be short lived. Dems want to roll back all the tax cuts, that isnt going to help anyone. If people think that Socialism will hurt the very rich, they are mistaken, they can take it, it will just bleed down to the lower and middle classes, the rich will survive just fine. Socialism is most definitely theft, and increased gov control over our most basic functions…people need to take a step back and give Trump 5 minutes to finish restructuring. Also, Warren does not even understand what low unemployment means. its not how many jobs one person has, its how many people have jobs. Iowa has50K more jobs right now than people to fill them. 5.4K are well paying government jobs. I dont care who makes that happen, its a good thing. That it is Trump should not take away from that

And yet from June 2017 to June 2018, wages dropped 0.2% for production and nonsupervisory employees. MAGA.