Heeeere's tinfoil Donnie!

Lasted tweet seemingly out of nowhere…

250 years of clean, beautiful coal.

Was there a segment on FOX about coal or is this just random nuttiness?

He’s a doddering old dummy.

Seriously, what the hell?

Make of it what you will

America is blessed with extraordinary energy abundance, including more
than 250 years worth of beautiful clean coal. We have ended the war on
coal, and will continue to work to promote American energy dominance!

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No fair, RTchoke. It sounds nuttier if you just take selected words out of context. Stop messing with it.


There is probably a reason he is bringing coal to the forefront again.


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What an ignoramus.

A high-tech approach to . . . coal.


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What isn’t crazy about “clean beautiful coal”?

Well, we were told to support coal, so we have to make these posts. We’re also currently supporting sex predators, corruption, and a variety of other crimes, as well as giving a nod and a wink to the klan.

At best, unproven…it’s just nutty.

I was specifically referring to the sound bite created by taking three words out of a paragraph, not trying to enter into a discussion on the technical possibilities of coal that produces fewer carbon emissions.
I suppose regarding its history as beautiful, that might depend on how you view the industrial revolution.

All three of your links have been superseded by this link:


You’re stuff is old and out of date.

And you also fail to understand that coal isn’t just good for our own energy diversity, but it is also a GREAT transferable and sale-able form of energy. We can easily transport it and sell it anywhere in the world - not always true for other energy products.


It’s still not clean.

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He’s an idiot.

Read the article. As a fossil fuel in this application it is very clean - Clean enough that these technologies are being used in the EU to burn coal - notorious for their stringent demands.

And AGAIN it remains a great and much sought-after product to sell overseas and always will.

Libs are always talking about diversity. Well here is a practical and necessary form of diversity - energy diversity. We have to have a MULTI-LAYERED approach to energy if we are to weather the storms of energy manipulations and supplies.

The left is so wedded to hating coal - because Obama told them to - that they are unwilling to see the great benefits of it in the light of new technologies that make it as clean as the natural gas they have always preferred and RELIABLE - unlike the technologies they love, like wind and solar.

Even back in 2015 they could see that coal - done correctly - was on a par with natural gas, environmentally. With the latest technologies it may be beating it.




He’s up to date.

Read the article.


Comparing coal with another fossil fuel does not make it ‘clean’

Coal is still one of the dirtiest ways to produce energy…making it slightly cleaner doesn’t make much difference.

So yes, Trump is an idiot.

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Yup that’s my understanding too. No such thing as clean coal on the foreseeable horizon.

It’s a shame because there is a huge amount of recoverable coal.

If I had to bet on a clean energy future it would be methane hydrate eventually giving way to something else.

Of course I also predicted bottled water was a passing fad, the cold war was going to last forever and gay marriage would never be legal (because America will never allow gay couples to adopt.).