Heck with the kids “We want to keep the focus on Trump”

Schumer rejects any deal to keep families together because they “want to keep the focus on Trump” and claims Trump can “stop it with a pen”.

A pen? How has that worked out for Obama the past 500 plus days?

I hate the predictability of those in DC.

It’s 7:32 at the Whitehouse, and this could be fixed by 7:33.

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Trump is pretty smart in this for many reasons:

  1. He is protecting child victims of human trafficking. According to a border agent (if I recall correctly) on the Ingram Angle last night of the 12,000 being held only 2,000 have been separated from families. The other 10,000 came here without family. They were either abandoned by their family or stolen for entrance and trafficking purposes.

  2. He has certainly exposed another example of DC politicians weaponizing people and their “suffering” ( this is not limited to one party).

  3. He is enforcing all laws and not being selective. Trump didn’t create this law. He is enforcing it.

  4. The quickest way to change a law is to enforce it.

Trump can stop it…by arbitrarily not enforcing our immigration laws. Get a kid…somehow…and you are home free under the Schumer plan.
Anything else takes legislation. But ending this is not what Democrats want.

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This policy is all on Trump. It doesn’t need Democratic input or votes to be terminated.

You have bought into the Trump propaganda lie.

Shame on you!

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Got any data to back this up? Want me to show you who those 10,000 are by age, sex, country of origin? Stop listening to Ingram, she is not educating you…

Ok that’s nice. It’s the fastest way to change the law. But not the quickest way to solve the problem. Just saying that passing up the latter for the former looks bit like using the kids as hostages.

You guys do you, though.

I want it ended. Isn’t that what I suggested? It’s 7:45 now and I assume the president is awake to watch Fox and Friends.

While he’s sitting there in his PJs feeling bad over the kids, I hope someone reminds him that he can stop it during the next commercial break.

All he has to do is stop enforcing the law. Grab a kid and move on in to a sanctuary city.

Just tell the president to think of that law as russian sanctions.


You, Strzok?

LMAO… Touche’!


A little sport at the expense of children?

Touche’ at pointing out the hypocrisy of the “follow the law” crowd…