Health Care Worker Tired of the “Hero” Worship

I’m a health care worker, & tired of the “Thank You Essential Workers”, and “Thank You Health Care Workers”, even a “Superhero in Scrubs Lives Here” sign :face_vomiting:

How does donning scrubs & sneakers & doing a job you signed on to do, knowing fully the risks, getting issued free protective gear by your employer, make one a hero? My trash collector is an essential worker who still has a job.

Collecting garbage once a week is now heroic?! Far as risks to nurses and those dealing directly with patients, tuberculosis has not left the U S.

Why start the “hero” worship with COVID 19? Some of us have accidentally stuck ourselves with broken glass or needles during procedures or autopsy, upping the ante of testing HIV+, & some, due to liver diseases like hepatitis, cannot take the antiviral prophylactic.

Why start the worship with COVID, as risk isn’t new? Why at all, as most of us aren’t forced into nursing or any health care job?

I agree with Pat Sajak and his Twitter followers. He’s right.

I’m sick of politicians and wealthy celebrities who aren’t cash strapped issuing messages like “Stay Home if You Can”, and the “hero” worship of health care workers while small business owners & their livelihoods get ■■■■ on as “inessential”.


It is way past time to divide workers into essential and unessential.

We are all essential and we can all figure out how to work without smearing the CV19 around.

Pat Sajak? Good for him. Earns my respect for bucking the herd.



I agree.

Asking people to be soldiers but not paying them as soldiers was a travesty.

I feel the same way when someone finds out I’m a veteran. In a lot of cases, they’re programmed to say “Thank you for your service”… I always flip it… “Thanks for providing cool toys for me to play with and thanks for the education.” I go out of my way to thank soldiers that were injured for this country but the rest of us don’t need to be thanked. We got an education and a paycheck. You held up your end already, no need to thank me.


It’s pretty annoying. lol


A close friend of mine has been a nurse for 30 years. Never in that time has she had to work with with grossly inadequate ppe until now. She didn’t sign up for THAT.

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You people got free PPE?
What a bunch of freeloaders.

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Actually, soldiers are pretty poorly paid.

My son is the same way.

He considers those words just … words – words that people have become programmed to say, not unlike common sayings like “How ya doin’??” (Ever try to respond with a real answer to that question? People don’t really want to hear you start describing how you are actually doing. To that point, I like the response you’ve formulated to the “Thanks-for-your-service” quip.)

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I’m not sure I’d agree with that.

When I joined, I was making $3.80 an hour in my job busting tires. Immediately, I was making $874 a month. While we were certainly working more than 40 hours, it was a definite upgrade in pay. At the same time, I was getting those wages to go to school (mine was a year long). My food was paid for, I got a clothing allowance, medical was paid and housing was paid.

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Room and board, education and medical dental are part of the package too though, that at least adds up to something not as embarrassing. Not that new recruits need much medical care at that age.

Then she needs to bitch at her employer.


What on Earth makes you think she hasn’t? :roll_eyes:

It’s getting better of course, after a couple of MONTHS.

You never mentioned, so I made the comment.

Apparently her employer needs to work out a better way to deal with supply management.

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Maybe you are unaware that it’s a national problem beyond the reach of any single employer…

I am aware libs want to blame the lack of planning and preparation these hospitals were supposed to have been doing all along on the administration because it’s easier than blaming hospital administration because in the end, who signs their checks or has the ability to fire hem for complaining?

Also, I don’t want to hear them whine and cry about PPE while they are out their using medical equipment and time to make synchronized videos of them dancing around and singing stupid ass songs and blaming Trump.

It’s only nationwide in the respect her administration did not prepare. There are plenty of other places that are just fine in the PPE department. Hell, they even can’t be that busy since they have time to do drive by parades for birthdays etc. Are they all doing it? No. Does it make all of the whining about work hours etc.they are doing look bad for everyone? Damn straight.


Here’s nitrile gloves, as increasingly providers are phasing out latex gloves as sources of allergic reactions:

Above are face masks. For roughly $20, an individual can order 5 washable face masks to a pack from outfits like Old Navy:

The average health care worker doesn’t have 12.50 to buy their own pack of reusable face masks? Definitely can’t agree with that premise.

Disposable spatter protection can help hospitals & other providers avoid laundry service. As has been stated, if various health care providers can make time to attend parades, someone responsible for budget can find protective gear within the institution’s budget for their staff.

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She has never once mentioned Trump.

So who’s fault does she think it is she is low on PPE? What has she done to change that?