Head Of Italian Aerospace Company’s IT Department Used ‘Military Grade Cyber Warfare’ To Switch Votes ‘For Trump To Biden’

Interesting article out of Italy.

It’s say the election was hacked by a guy in Italy with access to military grade cyber software. We should probably look into this. Just to be sure. Don’t ya think?

" Head Of Italian Aerospace Company’s IT Department Used ‘Military Grade Cyber Warfare’ To Switch Votes ‘For Trump To Biden’

According to a signed affidavit, Arturo D’Elia testified that he interfered in the 2020 U.S. election using military grade cyber warfare to switch votes from Trump to Biden."

And according to democrats, that’s not evidence of fraud.

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If you can’t trust Bucalopo, who can you trust?

Comedy gold

Trump just conceded, minutes later another try-hard conspiracy thread.

This guy is a heavyweight. Should we invite him to testify? Or does this still not meet the democratic standard for “evidence.”

D’Elia “is willing to testify to all individuals and entities involved in the switching of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden

No, but if he has evidence, I want to see it. We’ve heard a lot of testimony and little to no evidence to back it up.

I am sure that he is… why is it that all these crazy breaking news stories only show up on sketchy websites created in April 2020?

Martian’s for Trump! They are so more technologically advanced.

You know they won’t believe anything until it’s so obvious even the corrupt lib media has to report it.

The susceptible have been so far gone for so long you can’t penetrate the programming.


Quick question.

How does switching the data around in Italy on behalf of Biden under instructions from people inside the US Embassy there line up with the fact that GEORGIA DID A RECOUNT OF THE HANDMARKED PAPER BALLOTS?

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It isn’t.

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Sure, go for it.

I mean they actually looked at the actual ballots and counted them by hand… but somehow magically some goober in Italy changed them.

How does that happen?


I agree. He should bring it forward. We’ll see if he does. Right now, republicans are too intimidated to ask.

You’re asking the wrong people. I think the question needs to presented to the author. Nobody here knows. If he thinks it happened, he should explain in detail.

If what this dude says is evidence of fraud, then to accept that evidence it needs to fit in with what we already know to be true.

We know that the State of Georgia did a hand recount of the ballots. Georgia uses handmarked paper ballots. So that means that the State of Georgia did a physical recount of hand marked paper ballots not involving counting machines and the numbers lined up.

So how does this line up with his claim that people from the US Embassy got him to switch votes?

Do they need to?

No he was not charged with attemtping to interfere with the election.

He was charged with installing malware on computers of a defense firm so they could steal data.

But I’m sure the official charges are just a cover and Bucalupo has the real scoop…amirite?

You are mistaken. I said nothing of the sort. He has made an accusation. It’s up to him to prove it.

This is gold Jerry, GOLD!!!