Head-Butt Seen Round The World: Steelers Fans Take Frustrating Loss Out On

Evidently, not the only ass kicking in Pittsburgh was carried out by the Chargers.


Many of the fanatics need to get a life.

As a Steeler hater Iโ€™m a big fan of yinzer on yinzer violence.

Some people take football games way too seriously.

Arenโ€™t PA fans the worst anyway?

Somewhere Zinedine Zidane is breathing a small sigh of relief.

Thereโ€™s a bar where I live that wonโ€™t even let Steelers fans in if they are wearing the jersey. Too many fights. Personally, I never cared.

Here are my top 3 worst football fans.

  1. Eagles fans
  2. Steelers fans
  3. Raider fans