He’s a felon and a politician. Mississippi says he can’t be both, and wants him

Interesting issue going down in mississippi. Felons cant hold a political position but he was voted in by the people. I wonder will this go all the way up to the supreme court

Duncan Hunter is indicted for misuse of campaign funds and got re-elected in the 50th Congressional District in CA (my district, sad to say)

They can’t take back a salary for work done. ■■■■ them. They’re playing a game to scare him. They can maybe remove him from office (maybe), but they can’t take back a salary.

Wish I could read it. Says I need to pay. And before ya’ll say “incognito window” . . . that pulls up a paywall as well.

Hmm. I don’t pay for anything but it shows up fine for me.

Depends on how often you’ve read the LA Times recently.

A lot of newspapers give you a few free articles per month on their websites, then ask for money afterwards.

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But I did find it here.

I know when I ran for city council here in Utah, my declaration was filled out under threat of perjury that it was correct. Wonder why they can’t get him for that in mississippi for checking the box that he wasn’t a felon. Also sounds like Utah in that there is no way to removed a local official from office even if they did break the law, and run unconstitutionally.

It’s exactly the same way in Pennsylvania.

They tell you all the ways you can get in trouble if you fill out the candidate forms incorrectly, but we took a school board member to court once for outright lying where she lived, and lost the case because, and I quote “If county election officials aren’t going to properly enforce their rules, we can’t”.

Not kidding.