He Man Vs Gay Man

He Man and Gay Man are a redundancy. :rofl:


Yep. Donald’s about the worst representation of a man you could ask for.

Or maybe it’s that he’s the best representation of the worst aspects of men.

For Rush to champion him as “Mr. Man” (what does that even mean, really?) over Buttigieg simply because Buttigieg’s gay is pathetic.


This is a discussion board.

The purpose of a discussion board is to discuss things.

I want to know what people think of Rush’s statement that a Gay Man will be outclassed by a He Man.

I further - pace “ThinkingMan,” want to know what people think of as a “He Man.” and why.

If you participate in this thread you will not lose your ability to vote for whoever you want.


Doesn’t address my post. And if there actually any conservative who said what you claim, I was not one of them. So take that up with them.


Certainly no any model I would promote for manliness.

Plenty of that in him.

Whether or not Rush was right to suggest that Trump is “Mr. Man”, the point about Buttigieg being openly homosexually affectionate with his husband is a valid issue, and will likely cost hi votes – from Dem voters.

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The issue the thread is addressing is the snide manner Rush refers to Buttigieg’s marriage, and comparing him directly to “Mr. Man” Donald, someone whose personal behavior is nothing for Rush to admire.

Okay - tell me what a Lefty is.

I am not a single-issue politics kind of guy. The Republican party (until this recent crop of spineless wimps) represents most but not all of my core values.

I oppose Trump (stupidest thing I ever did was to vote for him) because he’s "draining the swamp’ only to fill it with fellow billionaires who are intent on lining their own pockets. Is wishing we didn’t have a criminal in the White House a leftist stance?

I think what he did to our Allies the Kurds is disgusting and in fact criminal, and I can’t understand how anyone who believes in honor and morality can support what he did. Is believing Americans should be true to their allies and not betray them a Leftist stance?

I am pro-abortion. Are there no Republicans whatsoever who are pro-abortion?

I don’t like my tax dollars being used for abortion but better that than unwanted kids be born into the world to be brutalized by uncaring parents. Is that a Leftist stance?

I don’t like my tax dollars being used to support people on Welfare. I believe in Workfare. Is that a Leftist stance?

I don’t approve of Illegal Immigration. Is that a Leftist stance?

I don’t approve of children being separated from their parents so carelessly that they can’t be restored when the time comes. If the kids are being brought over by child traffickers the child traffickers should be shot. Is that a leftist stance?

I believe in execution and think that all these stays and appeals are a waste of time. If you’ve got video evidence of someone murdering someone (for example the 13-and 14-year old kids who murdered that college girl recently) - convict them and execute them within the week. Is that a leftist stance?

I believe cops should have body mikes and body cams that cannot be turned off. It protects them as well as the public. Is that a leftist stance?


Fine and dandy.

But as was noted in the very first reply:

Attacking Rush won’t change that. But enjoy yourselves with that if you must.

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Not counting dodging the draft…like so many heroes of the Cons.

Donald should compare military experience with Buttigieg’s. 'Cause that’s all manly and stuff.


One hopes the irony of a gay guy who is monogamous and true to his spouse, standing on the same stage with a guy who is the exact opposite, will give a few homophobic voters an epiphany on what makes a “real” man.

(I admit I won’t be holding my breath for that, though.)

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define “homophobic” pls

Hey! Trump’s got a Purple Heart, does Pete?

I addressed that. His snickering with Howard Stern about his “personal Vietnam” is sickening and repugnant. I suppose just one of the many reasons Republicans voted for him.

“He talks like us!”

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Leftism isn’t a single-issue disorder.

Dude, you consistently side with libberism in thread after thread. That’s why you so frequently have to claim you’re not a lefty when so many people say you are.

Look, I don’t blame you for trying to distance yourself from leftism. Most libs here attempt to do that to one degree or another. But your posts betray you. And staying on that track destines you to being called a lib moving forward.

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Buttigieg is more of a man than trump or rush could ever be. Pete didn’t run away from a war where those two did; plain and simple. Both cowards have no room to talk about anyone’s personal home life.

Pete was correct when he said he wasn’t going to take lectures from two morally corrupt humans.


didnt “@“ me. wonder why…

Dont bother. If you’re not in lock step with everything the CEC is peddling, you’ll be branded a “lib” here by the indoctrinated. Wear it like a badge of honor.

Weird, that little hissy fit made Buttigieg look even more like a leader of nancies.



This is a good chance to remind everybody that Rush is a protected person on this board. I have seen a couple of comments in this thread that might bring sanctions. People might want to edit their posts while they still can.

Quoting the violation could also bring sanctions, so beware.

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