He Man Vs Gay Man

Rush Limbaugh, talking about Pete Buttigieg, said : "They’re saying, OK, how’s this going to look, 37-year old gay guy kissing his husband on stage next to ‘Mr. Man’ Donald Trump.

Not “Mr. Straight Man” mark you, but “Mr. Man.”

Buttigieg’s response was that he didn’t need to be lectured about family values by Rush Limbaugh, who has been married three times.

On Fox News, Jessica Tarlov pointed out that Donald Trump has been married three times and has had multiple affairs.

So what’s worse, a gay man who professes love for his husband and has (as far as we know) been faithful to him) or a guy like Trump who has affairs and, is looked upon admiringly because of it. (Although is it because of his sexual magnetism or his money magnetism, one has to ask oneself.)

No, this isn’t a TDS-anti-Trump thread, nor is it a TDS-pro-Trump thread.

It’s more a question of, just what makes a “he man?” Infidelity? Being able to get any woman you want - without drugging them and without having to pay them?

And why is it okay for a straight guy to be promiscuous, but disgusting when it’s a gay guy - or a woman?

If y’all lefties put the gay guy up for nomination then you lose, simple as that.

It will be your own fellow voters who make that happen too.


I think you’re missing a word in the above sentence.

I am not a Lefty.

I will vote Republican if anyone other than Trump is on the ballot, unless it’s someone of similar ilk.

If not…I’ll write in someone…

Typical Rush Limbaugh dog whistle.

Also, Rush has been married 4 times.

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  1. I’ve seen that before, “Rush Limbaugh dog whistle” but I’m not sure what it means.

  2. Oh, I’d lost count.

Sadly, this is probably true.

who said it’s “disgusting?”

One of the criticisms of gays is that they are promiscuous. (Surveys show straight guys are just as promiscous.)

Best just to forget about him at this point. Y’all have gotten as far as you’re going to for the time being with the issue of homosexuality. This is counter-productive.


can you answer my question.?

How about you don’t focus on semantics and answer my questions?

but your question has nothing to do with the OP topic. rush didnt say anything about it being “disgusting”

thats taking what he said and morphing it with some narrative

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If you like Buttigieg, vote for him. Leave other people alone to vote their choices.


Donnie is no Mr. Man. Colluding with porn stars while his new wife who is home with their new baby, bragging about moving on a woman like a B, going on radio to boast about ■■■■■■■ other men’s wives, bemoaning his “personal Vietnam” of not catching an STD for sleeping his way around Manhattan while his compatriots were ACTUALLY in Vietnam, to going on Howard Stern radio to snicker about Melanie’s poop and fart habits.

There is no Mr. Man in any of that. Especially compared to the likes of Pete Buttigege.


Referring to Pete “kissing his husband” is meant to stir up the icky factor.

The answer here is cons lack consistency. It is more manly to cheat on your wife or divorce your wife… than it is to be a faithful gay man.


Plus, he spends like an hour in the make-up chair every morning.

You made that up.

I do recall a few conservatives making comments about Stormy Daniels and how much better looking she was than Monica Lewinsky, as if that lessened Trump’s sin.

Your posts consistently contradict that statement.