He just can't stop


On Monday, the president quote-tweeted a post from the account “The Reagan Battalion” from February 2017 that featured a photograph of himself and Reagan from 1987. Superimposed over the image is a quote that reads: “For the life of me, and I’ll never know how to explain it, when I met that young man, I felt like I was the one shaking hands with the president.”

Trump has deleted the image. Once again his ego got the best of him.

It’s a good thing that our current president doesn’t have the ego of our last president, who conservatives constantly grumbled was a self-centered ego maniac.


I’ll bet anything Reagan didn’t even know about our founding fathers taking over all those British airports.


At least he deleted it, but…he complains about fake news…yet he spreads fake things…etc…

The good ole “I” count in every speech

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Obama was a real man and a real leader.

Trump is so void of those qualities.


I’m sure it was his babysitter, not him. He has no clue what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Even Eric thought that was stupid.


our President is just massively insecure.

he’s 12yo emotionally.

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Do we think he knows the Reagan quote was fake all along but thought it was “cute,” or did he delete the tweet because he found out after it wasn’t real?

I find that Trump haters just can’t seem to help themselves. I’m betting virtually no one in this country is aware of this insignificant non-event. But leave it to the Trump haters, who obsess over this stuff and froth at the mouth, to uncover it. Well you’ve got him now, that evil evil man. :roll_eyes:

For the life of me, I can’t begin to comprehend this kind of obsessive Trump hating behavior.

Trump hating is cool and you are on the wrong side of history if you support the idiot.

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Which–of course–turned out to be ■■■■■■■■■ LOL.

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Yup, nobody is aware. I guess you didn’t see how many media outlets ran that story. Why? Because it further reaffirms that our president’s narcissism knows no bounds. That he has the ability to believe anything that he hears and reads. And that gives me (and many other folks) a very uneasy feeling about the security of our country. I have never felt that about any other president.
I don’t understand why you can’t comprehend the level of dislike many of us have for this man. I saw a similar level of disdain that folks had for Obama.
I do have faith that someday (and I hope soon) Trump will be shown for the corrupt con-man that he is.
In the meantime I shall humor myself watching YouTube clips of what the Republicans who ran against Trump had to say about him before the election. Priceless.

Not fat donald hating, just pointing out the complete stupidity of this clown.
Notice how fat donald didn’t post a nickname for Kamala Harris.

Trump trolls and trolls cheer. Trump posts random things he sees on the internet and the trolls that made it cheer. You whine as much as any person who doesn’t like trump.

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A conspiracy theorist, a meme creator and a plagiarist. Those are just some of the eyebrow raising attendees who will descend on the White House on Thursday for an event that will likely become a forum for airing claims of anti-conservative social media bias.

President Trump is calling it a "social media summit, but the White House did not extend invites to representatives from Facebook or Twitter. Instead, the White House has invited its political allies to the event.

One of these clowns is a regular on Info Wars.

A Donald Trump tweet is “insignificant?”

Can you pass out the Magic Decoder Ring to let us know which Trump tweets are important to pay attention to and which are “insignificant”?

Cute !