Have you thanked President Trump today?

Trump is good
Trump is great
He saved from the bad Deep State



I want to thank President Trump for wasting millions of dollars today to fly to Lima, Ohio to brag about the $714 million dollars of taxpayer money that will be spent on tanks the Pentagon doesn’t (didn’t) want just so Trump and his Republican friends can brag about saving union jobs.
Also remember how he railed about Obama wasting taxpayer money on the campaign trail? Yeah, Trump is leaving Lima in AF1 to go to Canton, Ohio for a fundraiser.

Just bill the taxpayers!

GOD I do so love modern Conservatism!!!

I sent him a 3 pound box of chocolate covered :chicken: ::poop:, as he is ■■■■■■■■■■■ in the center.

If you look up the Dysfunctional Veterans page on Facebook, they have a service that allows you to send an anonymous bag of gummy “Cheney’s first name” to anyone you want. Perhaps that would be more sanitary. lol

Hmm, that’s pretty damn funny. :joy:

And edit to add - making them was no fun, but I did it for the cause.

Totally worth it. I sent someone a bag of Cheney names once, and they messaged the DV page threatening to call the police on them. :rofl:

It just gets better! Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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I thank President Trump for having built a wall on our Southern border that actually hasn’t been built!

I thank him for getting that check from Mexico that no one thought he would get.

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I would also thank him for being so Presidential.

He was especially presidential this past weekend.

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It is so nice to see our President make an inference that he allowed McCain’s funeral to take place.
The only thing that he had control of was sending Air Force One to AZ and back.
Congress had control of him laying in state at the capitol. The other details did not require Presidential approval.

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And did they thank him?

I want to thank President Trump for restoring grace and dignity to the White House.

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I don’t know. But I’m sure as hell not going to take Trump’s word for it that they didn’t.

trump is king alligator in the swamp he promised to drain. A piece of human garbage to the lowest extent. I’m sure inmates have better character than this ass.

His arteries can’t clog fast enough.


I truly thank Donald Trump for exposing the spineless Republican cowards in Congress who threw out dignity for blindly following whatever garbage the President spews.

Don’t forget about that awesome Trumpcare (better coverage and at a fraction of the cost!) that’ll be here any day now, and oh yeah - that special prosecutor he’ll be appointing soon to investigate Clinton!


Trump had to sacrifice so much for John McCains funeral. He is a true patriot. MAGA :us:

I’m thankfully I retired from the Army before Trump became president so that I don’t have his “signature” on my retirement paperwork.


There is no bottom. Not one that Trump or his supporters can locate anyway.

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