Have the Dems demandeed Biden step down?

Just when you think the hipocracy cannot get any worse the Dems out do themselves once again. If they truly don’t have a problem with Biden withholding 1B until a prosecutor is fired, why do they have a problem with POTUS withholding far less money unless Biden’s actions are investigated (if you believe Dem’s characterization of what happened)? Seriously! Attempting impeachment while Biden remains the Dems 2020 front-runner. What am I missing?


Don’t let your heart be troubled, Biden won’t be the D nominee.

The context that makes those two situations completely different.

In other words, everything.

You’re missing everything.


Uh huh…

So you have no concern with Biden withholding 1B until prosecutor fired? Seriously, I am truly trying to understand your position.

Step down as in end his run to be the 2020 candidate. Did you really not understand what I was getting at?

Why should we be concerned by what Biden did?

I have absolutely no problem with the officially appointed US diplomat carrying out the official US foreign policy stance through official channels to get rid of a corrupt prosecutor. This foreign policy stance was in the best interests of the US. It also aligned with the stance of several EU governments and NGOs.

I am completely against Trump using his personal lawyer and the power of his office to pressure a foreign government to dig up dirt on his political opponent through unofficial backchannels for his own self interests rather than the country’s.


Why has this not been investigated by the Senate? There’s a reason there are proper channels. Using your own personal lawyer to try to dig up dirt is kinda shady dont ya think. You guys keep coming up with a million conspiracy theories about obama,biden,and everybody else committing all of these crimes and nothing ends up panning out. Is there a reason for this? Is it the deep state?

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Because he is running for president.

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I know. Why should I be concerned that as Vice President, Biden did his job?

Your name is perfect now!

Glad to have you here.

Biden didn’t do anything wrong, so there is no reason for him to stop campaigning against Trump. There is every chance he doesn’t win the nomination, but if he does good for him.


So your position would be the same if a Republican did the exact same thing as Biden?

Of course.

I agree, the government has failed us once again. This (along with many other things) should have been addressed long ago.

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I’m sure he won’t. But the hypocrisy and double standards will no doubt persist regardless of who wins the primary.

Is it fair to say it is against US foreign policy for officials to engage in transactions with foreign leaders when there is an appearance of impropriety?

You’ve been fooled and everyone is laughing at you. Abandon ship.


Trump says the op is right, so true!


Getting Shokin fired was US foriegn policy.