HATE MAIL: Rep. Ilan Omar FUNDRAISING Off Explosive Exchange with Trump Official | Sean Hannity

Embattled Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar continued to raise eyebrows across America Thursday; sending out a fundraising email that touted her fiery exchange with President Trump’s Venezuelan Envoy where she accusing the official of supporting a Latin American “genocide.”

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Politicians like Omar get elected when a no screening immigration practice that liberals promote allows in people who would over throw our existing democratic capitalistic government.

Ilan Omar should not be sitting in Congress, actually she should be in jail for incest. She married her biological brother to get him to stay in the country and mothered his child. She denies this claim but there is too much coincidence and she and he ought to be required to take a DNA test. Incest is a crime in most states (save 2) and all possessions of the United States. Jail plus fines. She is performing Jihad on America and we are just standing by and doing nothing about it. This is exactly what we did with Obama. His birth certificate has been shown to be a fraud on two continents by two forensic documents experts unrelated to each other. The woman in Hawaii who signed off on his fraudulent birth certificate died conveniently in a minor plane crash in shallow water of the coast of one of the Hawaiian islands. Was The Death of the Obama Birth Certificate Verifier Caught on Video? | Accidental Patriot
This article includes the photos of the diver that injected something into Loretta Fuddys ankle just before she suffered a heart attack. If we the American people stay too lazy or worry about being called racist when we know we are not then we will be the beneficiaries of the destructive acts being put upon us.