Hate Is Hurting Us All

All the latest protests from so-called Alt-Right white supremacist’s (I don’t think they are on the right), the BLM, ANTIFA, etc. to me has turned into a bunch of hate.

I don’t blame anyone for protesting white supremacist’s, however. I do wonder if it’s better though to just nationally ignore them. There was today in DC like a maybe 24 of them marching…not exactly a majority…

All the above aside, regardless of political ideology we all need to be more civil. I’m not saying no debate, I certainly do so & with vigor. I do not, however, hate anyone. It’s ok to disagree, even get angry, but if we hate each other it is doing no good for any of us.

If you know anything about me, you never see my post’s filtered, because I don’t use cursing in debates. I try never to make it personal to another, I’m sure I probably have, but I try. It does not make your point to not listen to another viewpoint, name, call, or shout anyone down. It just makes you look angry & closed-minded in my opinion.

I don’t even understand how people could follow someone they disagree with into a restaurant or public venue, or especially at their home & shout them down, make threats, or terrorize their children. I wouldn’t even think of doing that to anyone, even if I didn’t like them.

What are we going to do? End up in civil war? Killing each other? Mercy, that’s insane. I fear if cooler heads don’t prevail, regardless of what our political leaders (Trump too, maybe especially) say, we will end up tearing the country to shreds.

Are we going to hate one another enough to be willing to kill? Well, if so, it won’t be one sided. That will be a shared misery. It won’t be worth it. Civil war starts with incivility, insults, intimidation, threats, & finally violence. We live in a place where everyone CAN be heard. Everyone. If we tear it all down soon nobody will be heard.

Our political leaders are no prize as well on either side. (Except of course, YOUR favorite, RIGHT?) None of them listen to any of us very often. They listen to donors, the loudest screamers, the most extremes, & others they fear. They all have it set up to line their pockets, & exempt themselves from a lot of the rules they make for us.

I have said more than once Trump was not my first choice, but after he won the primary I had, to me two choices. I knew I did not want Hillary because the entire region here has not prospered under Obama & I believed she would be even worse, as well as other considerations. I have actually been surprised at Trump, in spite of his tweets & foul mouth, he’s governed in a way I do agree with more often than I thought he would. I figured he would probably do like most, promise all kinds of things & actually do none of them (agree with his policies or not, he’s doing much of what he campaigned on).

Another point I want to make, please don’t pick apart my every word on this thread, reserve it for others. I figure I offended some on the right & left here, though it’s not what I intended. I’m just trying mostly to manifest my thought process, weather you agree with it or not is irrelevant to the point of the OP, just wanting to be understood…

Middle fingering each other isn’t helpful. Honest debate, even heated, is much more educational, civil, & is the best way to come up with actual solutions. Do you want to live in a peaceful country or not? Then don’t try to shut others up, actually listen, & try to convince others why you think your way is best, not your way or the highway, in spite of what out leaders are saying/doing.


The hate of Trumpists is a big problem.

I am confident we will neutralize it soon.

Rest well with that knowledge!

You…are a day late and a dollar short. Some of us have been saying this and trying to convince Trumpist especially of this for a year or more. Why now…

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I guess you haven’t noticed the way trump demeans and insults everyone who doesn’t agree with him. Just today, he called a ex-employee a “low life”. It starts at the top, you own this clown.

Defending my opinions & beliefs is not hate. Even if I don’t like someone & don’t just hate them.

Sigh… this isn’t about Trump. It’s about ALL OF US!

He’s the US president, he leads by example.

I guess if someone turns on you & you believe they lied about you to the entire planet you should say nothing? WOULD you do that?

It’s about US, not Trump.

His point is valid. Donald legitimized incivility and childish insults as a means of not just political strategy but also personal validation. Trumpists have reveled in it (e.g. “We’re not PC anymore!” “Donald says what he means!” “Aww, does it bother you snowflake? lol”) from the moment Donald descended his gold painted escalator. Of course, when others respond in kind they feel aggrieved.

It would be something to see enough individuals stand up to it from both sides, demand better behavior from themselves and refuse to reward those who continue to engage in it. But partisan rancor is a dominant social force right now, and neither side wants to be the first to blink. We’re stuck with this for a while yet, and yes Donald is a major reason why.

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Trump is a clown I ageee, but it didn’t start with him. Race relations went to a historic low under Obama way before Trump put his name on the Republican ballot. BLM we’re burning cities down, rioting, beating people up, and throwing cinder blocks off an overpass onto traffic at Charlotte way before Trump arrived on the scene. If anything Trump is the monster that Dr media Frankenstein created.

I would also agree he hasn’t made the situation better but it’s ridiculous to say it started with him. I just pulled some headlines from one liberal news agency (Slate) but they all have been running anti-white headlines for years from Vox, Buzzfeed, Atlantic, HuffPost, NYT’s etc before Trump came around.

If anything we are lucky as a country after years of media race baiting that only a couple 100 people showed up Charlottesville. What is the purpose if not to divide for a mainstream news agency to run articles like this?

But Libs are trying desperately to say that a large fraction of white people feel the same way as white supremacists do.

Libs NEED to have minorities fear. Otherwise they won’t get votes.

A couple dozen. Advertised for months. A couple dozen.

I don’t think everyone even has to take the “High road”, in debate, or in making their point. I do think though it should be an effort on all our part to try make our point as much as possible without cursing, over the top vitriol, & without anger being the whole point of communication, rather an attempt at actual debate & making an actual point. Just showing anger as the point isn’t much of a point.

A case for this argument is the restaurant owner who took a photo with Jeff Sessions & got so much vitriol & demeaning he had to take down his facebook & other social media pages! Come on! If I owned a business & Obama or some leftist celebrity, OR someone from the right that is famous visited it I would take a photo with any of them & put it on the wall, social media, whatever. It has been a custom for decades but now it’s not ok? Mercy, really?

Finding civility in politics is as likely as finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

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You didn’t offend anyone on here. The reasonable ones appreciate your excellent post. The rest will pick and pluck. It’s not personal. It’s pathological. If your comments reads apples, oranges, grapes the horde will fire back… YOU LEFT OUT FIGS! It’s a juvenile game with them.

I’m sure when Hannity started his forum he thought it might indeed be a place for serious discussion. I doubt he even comes here now.

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In a bizarre way, the hate coming from the left exposes to the general population what was being disguised and is thus a good thing. I mean how can someone claim the moral high ground while attempting to violently beat another into submission and do so because you arbitrarily label them a fascist or racist?

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