HATE FEST: Hollywood Remains SILENT as Best Actor Winner ‘THANKS AMERICA’ at Oscars | Sean Hannity

The winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor publicly praised America during the 90th Academy Awards ceremony Sunday night, thanking the United States for “many wonderful gifts” as Hollywood looked on in stone-cold silence.

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God love Gary Oldman. I’ve been told he was the best at playing “Dracula”, but haven’t seen that version. My favorite Dracula is New Jersey born Frank Langella :two_hearts:

As for the rest of the audience sitting in silence, that’s really rude. Don’t some of the British performers emigrate to the U S at least in part to keep more of their royalties?

Some of these same pathetic individuals would probably diss the late Colin Payne’s (keyboardist in ‘80’s band Taxxi) sister for saying the SAME THING. Judy’s remarks can probably still be viewed on YouTube in the video “I’m Leaving” in the comments section.

Taxci was British, btw. She was thankful to America for the opportunities her late (sickle cell anemia) brother had & called his Taxxi years the best.

Judy Benoit Milner’s comments can still be viewed in the video, posted by user dlokazip. The Hollywierdos biting the hand that feeds them would probably diss this lady, too.:slightly_frowning_face: