Hate crimes increased 226% in places Trump held a campaign rally in 2016


Yes the intent to kill.

If I kill you because you are screwing my wife the nature if of the crime is no difference than if I killed someone because they are female, black, gay, republican, democrat or anything else.

In any of those cases the intent was to kill them regardless of the reason.


I thought you knew that I liked Rorscach. On the old board, you once made a comment about how my politics are not simple/shallow/flat, saying something about it’s not usual to find a person who X and like Rorschach (“X” being something about me that you chose to contrast the latter with).

I never read the comic book. I only watched the movie.


THE bad guy? Ozymandias isn’t the antagonist?


I fundamentally disagree.

The “why” is equally as relevant.


No it isn’t, the crime is still the same, “murder”.


Not so when a topic is black and white.


Let me make a hypothetical.

If a man, entirely premeditatedly, murders the rapist of their daughter - is that “the same” as a man who murders their wife for the life insurance money?

Do you think our legal system treats those two men the same?


Yes they would be treated the same and charged with first degree murder.

It would be up to the jury to decide if the prior rape as a mitigating circumstance makes a difference.


What do you think “hate crime” laws are, if not the opposite of mitigating circumstances?


And you claim to be a law student?

Hate crimes charges are based on aggravating, not mitigating factors.


Come on man. Take the time read my posts before replying.


The comic book is pretty good. Zach Synder doesn’t know what he is doing.


I watched an “abridged” version. My friend over skipped parts of the movie. The scenes of Rorschach doing things I disapprove of (e.g., torture) might have been in the parts that were skipped over.

Rorschach felt like the most authentically moral character because he wanted no part of the Ozymandias’ plan and the others’ acquiesence to it.


after roaming the internet and seeing who was jumping for joy regarding the Mueller report (specifically white nationalists, fiscal conservatives, evangelicals) i’d say the white nationalists will up hate crimes in the future. they appear to feel emboldened.


Oh look another lib upset the President wasn’t a traitor. Get over it Hillary didn’t win.


If you’re speaking to me i’m glad when any American isn’t a traitor.

Now, as i said, it’s fascinating the groups that are the most emotional (joy) on the Mueller report. The White Nationalists seem to be the most happy.

Go read.


How do you know they are White Nationalists?


I was being nice. They’re actually KKK/ White Supremacists.


How do you know they are KKK?


There is this thing called the internet and social media where like minded people gather together and talk about their beliefs. They even have Stormy websites.

Give it a try.