Has Tucker Carlson ever read our Constitution? Maybe not!


It started long before that. The shove was the 17th Amendment.


Why is homosexual marriage not illegal in California after Prop 8?


Because it violates the constitution.


This is nonsense.


They voted. In other states the representatives voted.


I understand you don’t get it nor will you ever. It’s been drilled into you since birth. It’s ok.


I’m fully convinced there is not room for individualism in a world of collective salvation.


And why is that?


Meaningless platitudes.


That they did.


Collective salvation?


At least we can all agree Carlson is a stooge. That’s a start, right?


Interesting. Can you elaborate?


Not really, it’s really that simple.


Don’t expect much other than insults on this one.


Prop 8 violated the constitution? How? Please explain.


Civil rights ought not be based upon the perverted desires of sexual deviants who now impinge upon the inalienable right of mankind being free to mutually agree in their contracts and associations.


Why would you post something like that?


Yes collective salvation.

In a world of collective salvation their is no room for individualism.

That is why libs are pushing hard against our Constitutional Republic.

Only time they support it is when they people vote against their ideologue.

Much like your example on California prop 8.


The truth?


Tucker must be doing something right. It seems both liberals and conservatives hate him. :wink: