Has Trump ever committed a criminal act?

  • Yes
  • No

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What’s your best guess. Just want to take the board’s temperature.

I have too.

Ever? Probably.

Only those who have been caught and convicted are guilty of committing a crime.

Who hasn’t?

That doesn’t mean they haven’t committed one.

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From a legal perspective yes, but crimes were committed.

Honestly, the number of things I dislike about the President that I know, I don’t spend a ton of time caring about speculation.

Does this mean any crime or only one over which a reasonable prosecutor would bring a case?


Even I have committed a criminal act.

Agreed for the most part.

What’s your best guess. Just want to take the board’s temperature.

If these investigations do not result in a recommendation regarding criminal activity, there will have been no one on earth who has been investigated as much by his enemies and have had nothing incriminating found about him.
I should qualify that if it is found he committed a crime but it is not one that would cause a reasonable prosecutor to bring a case. But I don’t think there’s much chance of that recommendation.

What’s your basis of knowing nobody has ever been looked at this way outside of stupid hyperbole?

Besides zero

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Guess you have never heard of Ken Starr and Bill Clinton, or Hillary Clinton and Benghazi, or Watergate and Richard Nixon, or Barack Obama and Long Form BC-Birtherism?

I’ve committed more crimes than I’ve been convicted. Most people here have too.


Don’t put words in my mouth, the poll question is kind of vague:

Has Trump -EVER- committed a criminal act?

The poll didn’t specify if he KNEW he was committing the act. The didn’t specify what kind of crimina act?

The way the question is phrased the only answer can be yes. Even if it was just a traffic violation – that is a criminal act.

OK, who voted no?

We had a birth certificate special counsel? How much time did the FBI spend on that one? Who knew?

The driving was just an example. And again it’s an extremely vague question. I voted yes, because when your 70 – odds are pretty damn good you’ve violated a law or two.

I have broken the law.

Stepped on the yellow stripe when a subway car is approaching.