Has trump been lying to his base?

Isn’t this “doing something about it”? And from other threads, I thought liberals were complaining about the national debt for the first time ever.

There was no drop in federal tax revenue.

Pretty much any politician.

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Well, the corona virus reality may be a lot worse than they are telling you.

Fox News told me that liberals are to blame.

You are obviously mischaracterising the facts there.

There was a drop in revenue as a percentage of GDP. We brought in at least $200 billion less than we otherwise would have under the previous tax code. It was by far the largest contributor to the increase in the deficit in FY2018.

You should be more concerned about those who lied to you about Trump colluding with the Russians. These people want to destroy America and rape you of your Freedom.

Nope, like I said there was no drop in federal tax revenue. And no, you don’t get to pretend that the additional revenue coming in due to the tax cuts and regulatory relief would still be there to tax if that tax relief had never happened. Revenue isn’t the problem, spending is.

^ Doesn’t understand baselines and math.

This is typical Trump dealing. Sign a Contract, make an agreement to pay people for work done, then back out of the deal. Only federal employees cannot sue the federal government for promised pay can they?

Trump doesn’t lie.

Sure I do, there are two sides to the debt equation. Put the federal government back in the constitutional chains that used to bind it and spending can be drastically reduced.

The senate has already reported it wont even bother looking at the presidents budget as its already doa