Has trump been lying to his base?

Federal workers were slated for a 2 percent raise as of January 2021. President Donald Trump on Monday justified a smaller-than-anticipated proposed pay raise for civilian federal workers by citing “national emergency or serious economic conditions,” despite his frequent statements that the nation’s economy is booming.
So which is it? Best record economy ever or is it in a national emergency crisis?

Yes, constantly for years. They love it.


The OP title is a question?
It is interesting to watch the interviews with Trump supporters who line up for his rally’s.
When asked if they think Trump lies the majority of them say no. That they trust what Trump tells them is the truth.

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He lies to EVERYONE, not just his base. When are people going to wake up to the greatest con-man who has ever stepped foot into the White House?

Wake the ■■■■ up people.

You’re all wrong.

The national debt will still be eliminated in 2024. He just increased it by a few trillion to challenge himself a bit.


It’s actually fairly easy to test when Trump is lying. Just see if his mouth is moving and words are coming out.


White House Office of Management and Budget acting director Russell Vought acknowledged that Congress has a history of ignoring the President’s spending proposals.

“They have certainly ignored this President’s savings proposals for the first three years. That may very well continue this year. But it would be unfortunate,” Vought told reporters at a briefing Monday afternoon.

It’s not possible to have a booming economy and a national emergency at the same time? Who would have known?

What national emergency?

See the national debt. I know my company wouldn’t be handing out giant pay raises with that much red ink on the books.

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Maybe the guy in charge should do something about it.

I thought liberals didn’t want a king? You want to give him the power to write and pass the federal budget via executive order or something?

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Liberals don’t, but Trump* worshippers wouldn’t mind King Trump*. According to the Dershowitz Doctrine, Trump* has the authority to do whatever he wants, including ignoring the constitution.
Anyways, so the increase in national debt is something that Trump* shouldn’t attempt to reduce? I mean, when the previous guy was in the WH, there was anger and spittle about how he’s ruining the country, and he has the veto pen if necessary. Does Trump* not have a veto pen?

So now you want him to force a government shut down? I could have sworn liberals said that was a bad thing to do.

Does your company issue a reserve currency?

And since when is a 2.5% raise a “giant pay raise”?

Nope. And neither will the US if things keep going as they are.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have passed a piece of legislation that dropped our tax revenue as a percentage of GDP by a full percentage point?

It is a bad thing. No one is saying that a veto on the budget would shut down the government. ■■■■■ government piecemeals money all the time to keep itself open.

Its up to the adult in the WH to get a budget that he can sign. Which means when he submits his budget ideas, and they are shot down, instead of running to Twitter to claim that Democrats are enemies of the country and should be arrested, he should be an adult and try and work things out.

But trickle down economics works. Right? :wink:


TaX cUtS pAy FoR tHeMsElVeS.

Best economy in history with a deficit fueled injection can’t even beat Obama’s best year. Sad.