Has there been misconduct at the IRS/Treasury?


Might this be another example of this administration belief that it is above the law?
For the last few months, Trump’s legal team has been working hard to block every and anything that would lead to audits of his taxes.

Did Elmer Fudd ever catch that wascally wabbit?

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elmer fudd catches bugs bunny - Google Search…35i39j0i10j0i22i30.qp2LXDVbxhM

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It was fake. There were more wabbit shows that followed.

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Sorry. But you asked a dumb question and I provided a dumb answer.

Trump, “Oh please whatever you do, don’t throw me into the Briar Patch.”

Well I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that Trump doesn’t even know what a briar patch is.

Will look forward to seeing anything of interest when and if there is anything of interest to see.

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Oh…so now you give a ■■■■■

Will look forward to watching conservatives line up to defend the IRS!