Has the theft morphed into a cover up?

The saying during the Watergate investigations was it is not the crime it is the cover up. It looks like Georgia election officials aren’t familiar with that saying; within hours of the a Georgia Senate committee voting unanimously to allow an audit of the ballots in Fulton County, trucks reportedly appeared to take the ballots away for shredding.

The committee vote came after Pulitzer reported that his team was able to access voting machines in the county during the hearing using the internet.

Assuming that the reports prove true, will election officials claim that destruction of the ballots is just an honest mistake?

Will the mainstream media continue to report “no evidence of fraud” in Fulton County but fail to mention the evidence has been destroyed to prevent an audit?


Is it possible that this Jovan fellow is a bald-face liar?

Trump needs people to send him some money quick so he can investigate.

I should probably get in on this conspiracy theory grift. Why should Trump be the only one profiting?

Is it possible that election officials are illegally destroying ballots because they know they have a lot to hide?

The reports of trucks taking ballots away for shredding should be easy to check. We don’t need rely on Pulitzer to settle that question.

My understanding is that federal law requires retention of the paper ballots. Also if election officials were innocent, then logically they would want to do everything to protect the ballots to confirm their innocence.

Reports of destruction of ballots raise giant red flags on multiple levels.


The cover up is usually worse than the crime.

Glad someone else finally said it. I’ve been thinking it for a while.

There needs to be criminal investigations if there is real evidence of violations of federal law.

Unfortunately the Department of Justice and the courts seem to be hopelessly compromised.

By whom? The FBI? The same FBI who is committed to protecting democrats?

It’s possible. If they actually do and audit and ballots are missing we will know.

No kidding. I want $250 million for telling lie after lie after lie to the Trumpites so they can send me more fun money. Let’s be honest…he’s really not spending that money on winning court cases. :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

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Well it didn’t take long for the Qurious folks at Gateway Pundit to be shown to be wrong.


Regularly scheduled appointment for disposing of tax documents, not ballots.


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Let us all hope so because the testimony given, was quite damning if it’s verified…agreed?

It wasn’t verified, as a matter of fact is was shown to be utterly false. So no, it’s not damning.

Qurious people should stop regurgibleeting false rumors because they fall for click-bait headlines.



The Dominion machines were not connected to the internet? You know this testimony is false?

Mike pence want no part of this cockamamie scheme.



It has. In pretty much all the controversial states imo.

Yeah, it’s a well-known fact that Pence just hates Trump.

He’s been the resistance leader all along.

Great point!

…still waiting?

Lol. He,s just going to open and count and declare the winner, than he’s off to Europe for a well deserved vacation.


With treasure hunter, Curse of Oak Island contributor and CueCat inventor J. Jovan Philyaw, err Pulitzer on the case, you know it’s legitimate. Hopefully MyPillow guy can add some additional credence.

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The ballots were recounted BY HAND by hundreds of people. There is nothing to hide.