Has our debt been wiped out? Is Hillary in jail? Has healthcare been fixed? Is the wall complete? Is the swamp drained?

These are all big and boastful campaign promises made by the top politician in our country to get votes.

Now that you’ve had 2 years to see that he simply runs his mouth to get what he wants, and says whatever it takes, do you at least now understand that he’s a constant liar?

He is not going to wipe out our debt. He is not going to fix healthcare. He is not going to build a wall from Texas to the ocean. He’s not gonna put Hillary in prison. He has brought massively more major corruption to the swamp.

He’s a horrible negotiator. He just runs his mouth constantly and hopes that weak people buckle under. And the only weak people that have buckled under are male republicans.

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Was it his goal to make washing machines $100 more per purchase? Because he has nailed that one!


The Deep State was obviously preventing Trump from accomplishing his goals. Obviously if he gets 4 more years in office, he’ll finish the job. :rofl:

The sad thing is I bet there are some people out there that actually believe this.


Without doubt Trump is the most boastful President ever but there is one small problem his boasts are just that. He never actually delivers and when he fails to deliver it is always the fault of someone else.

And two SC picks are not a success, any President who gets the opportunity to select the replacement. Its hardly something they have to work at. Does anyone really think that any President would choose someone that is not aligned with their political views?


Maybe the same one’s that claim he was sent by God.

The problem is that Trump fell in love with Kim. He’s been distracted from fulfilling his promises.

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The 2 things most “non supporters” of trump claim makes him palatable are SC placements and decreased regulations.

One an elected Republican monkey could do and the other is harming the environment that they care nothing about.

Despite the best efforts of Democrats:

  • Unemployment is at record lows
  • ISIS is dead
  • Scalia and Kennedy have been replaced by young constitutionalists

And yet the debt continues to grow rapidly. The New Republicans have no healthcare plan. Hillary is free and still laughing on TV. So I’ll give props to the unemployment rate. The other two are minor league concerns.

So, 3 successes on what (with the 5 promises listed in the OP) would be 8 objectives. That’s a 37.5% success rate on objectives.

If I had that kind of success at work, I’d be looking for employment rather quickly.

Are they the same official unemployment figures source that according to many Fox News commentators as bogus?


Bernie will fix the debt in 2020.

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ISIS is not dead.


What efforts did Democrats do to try and sabotage your 3 points?

Yeah, because we like the promises of free stuff better. And those rich people are going to pay for it all too!

Not sure what that has to do with Trump only meeting 37.5% of his stated objectives listed in this thread, but I’m sure someone somewhere could find some sort of loose connection.

Gitmo closed?

Has Trump been impeached yet?

  • The Unemployment rate was already low when Trump took office in January of 2017. The unemployment rate then was down at 4.7%. Link
    The lowest the unemployment rate got during the 12 years of Reagan and Bush 41 was at 5% in March of 1989.
    Pennsylvania recently recorded their lowest unemployment rate ever, and their Governor is a Democrat.

  • ISIS has been weakened, but they are not dead.

  • It is very debatable that Justice Kavanaugh is a “constitutionalist” since he was a big supporter of the patriot act.

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I’ll wait patiently for a list of all politicians of late who have fulfilled all the hopes, lies and BS during their campaigns.
Your turn, go.