Has Marco Rubio finally seen the light?

For direction of republican party?

Apparently he was speaking about post Trump era at a speech on Nov. 5 at Catholic University in Washington…in which he described “common-good capitalism.”

What does this mean?

It’s about refocusing on American workers and how self dignity comes from hard work.

Back before Trump was elected “some” of you may remember I said then that best way to promote conservatism is by putting people to work with decent wages etc. The left wants people dependent on goverment so they can rob from business and corporations to fund their social power grab.

For me it’s their best interest that Business and worker come together and unite against authoritarians that wants to dictate our lives.

You can read more here.


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I like the platitudes. Agree with them even.

What are the policies that would help to achieve this goal?

Marco Rubio voted yea on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. This act exploded the deficit and has crippled our nation’s future economic stability. He is unfit for Republican leadership as they are supposed to be champions of fiscal responsibility. Seriously, ■■■■ him…


I think Marco Rubio is on right track…the question is his serious? It’s a good track for republican party to take IMO.

Thus why libs are afraid it might take hold.

When buyers again begin checking labels regarding where something is made and give preference to things produced in the US, “we” may have a chance. What disappoints me is that so many look no further than next weeks paycheck. Until our government, entertainers and those with influence unite in promoting this idea, I don’t see an increase in jobs that can financially support families. Speaking from personal observation, I don’t believe narcissism has ever peaked more in this country…than right now.

Is he promoting trade unions? I have no problem if he is. I think the unions have been giving too heavily to democratic politicians for far too long with little to show for it. (Should have been greasing both sides of the tracks all this time.)
With the uptick of skilled laborer needs, it’d be a good idea to support middle class unions.

Thanks social media!

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No it didn’t.

Why does the gop try to get rid of unions, minimum wage etc. You support a decent wage, health care

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He’s a lightweight choker, dude. Nobody takes him seriously, least of all republicans.

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Oh boy, I have nothing to say against a heavyweight argument like yours.

The gop has been systematically gutting unions since the Reagan era. Why would they give money to that party?

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What policies does he support to meet these goals?

What has democrats done? They promoted policies that drove business offshore.

Just think, we could have had a President Rubio right now - and Republicans would likely still control the House. And the Republican Party could have had a bright future.

Such a waste

Let’s get to the D’s next…first answer the question about the GOP.

From the late 80’s til fairly recently, both parties promoted policies that enriched the companies/corporations that donated to them. Off shoring jobs was certainly part of that.

Until we get the pay to play, and legal bribery that dominates the system, nothing will change.

I am with you, if you are for changing the system, in a way that actually puts the power back to the people, and not just the wealthy and well connected.

In a global market I believe it’s best interest that business and workers come together for the good of American business and workers.

That’s a good starting point for republican party. Notice I’m saying republican party. :wink:

It is a good starting point for all parties involved, including our trading partners.

The govt that governs the least governs the best…

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