Has Biden given up on the vaccine mandates for employers with over 100 workers?

I’m always for more transparency, but why don’t you think he’s following science?

They were talking about this today on MSNBC. OSHA will be mandating that companies will have to provide a safe working environment by having employees vaccinated or tested. The former head of OSHA was on air and said that the reason it is taking so long is that they have to make sure that whatever they issue will hold up in court. He said that he expected them to issue something by the end of this month.

There is no evidence that achieving a high rate of COVID vaccination reduces the spread of the disease. The continuing outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations proves that.

Using an executive order against employers to force employees to give up their civil rights based on alleged health benefits is a backdoor to tyranny. The lack of transparency about the process makes it even more suspect.


I updated the OP to clarify that the vaporware mandates appear to be for employers over 100 workers; federal contractors are a separate issue.

Not the point. Vaccinated folks are less likely to go to the hospital and/or die. Plus we are getting data that says that vaccinated folks are very unlikely to breed a new variant.

Not all highly vaccinated populations are using the better Western made vaccines, and vaccines have shown to lose effectiveness overtime, and not all the population is getting vaccinated, so nothing is perfect. A lot of people like to point towards Israel as proof that the vaccines are ineffective, but they only had 60% of the population fully vaccinated, and now they are doing boosters. If they thought vaccines were ineffectual, why would they do boosters.

If the vaccines lessen the chances of you getting covid and lessen the duration, lessen hospitalizations, and lessen deaths, how could it be claimed that it doesn’t help lessen the spread. I don’t want to imagine how much worse delta would be without the amount of vaccinations we have.

Well as I responded earlier, Biden made a statement last week the the DOL is working on it.