Has anyone seen this?

Armed security guard walks into 2 robbers holding up a store with what looks like guns and he shot both of em. One of em said there guns are fake and security guard said mine isn’t. LOL

I never seen that story. thanks for posting it. so glad trump wont take our guns like obama or hillary the liar!

Goes both ways.

But when the dog was shot, the bullet went through and hit the woman’s leg. The woman was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Both ways?

Stories of people with guns helping and people with guns hurting, or getting hurt themselves.

Did the gun not help in your story as well?

Lady had dog biting her leg. End result was dog bite and gunshot wound. I don’t know what would have happened if the dog had not been shot. I find it hard to imagine that her getting shot in the leg was an intended outcome.

Of course it wasn’t the intended consequence. How does that change ending the dog attack?

So this is an ends justify the means argument? As long as the dog attack was stopped, who cares of the lady was shot?

No, it’s a “sometimes we don’t get exactly the outcome we want argument.”

I’m sure they both care.

I agree. Sometimes guns can help, sometimes they don’t. Posting stories where guns have helped and using it as anecdotal evidence that guns will save us is just as silly as posting stories where guns have harmed and using that to say guns are evil.

I agree. However I think the gun helped in the case you posted. I would like to know who used the gun.