Has anyone seen or heard of the phenomenon of Xenolalia or Glossolalia?

Xenolalia is speaking in known tongues, and Glossolalia is speaking in unknown tongues.

Has anyone ever heard someone being so connected to God, that they start to speak in different tongues? Known or otherwise? We learned about this in Spirit-Empowered Living, and the president of the University told a story about a girl who he had seen when visiting another church, speak in tongues and fall to the floor, as if something powerful passed through her.

It sounds divine, I suppose because it is. To be one with the Lord temporarily, to be empowered with the Holy Spirit…what an amazing yet odd experience.

Nope, but Iv had the chance to attend Mass in Latin with my grandmother family.

Here is some more information on the phenomenon: http://www.popflock.com/learn?s=Glossalalia

Apparently, it is classified as a neurological disorder, despite not showing any abnormal brain activity.

Latin is a pretty language. We have some of it at our parish, but Mass is mainly in English here.

Here’s another video that explains the brain activity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZbQBajYnEc

It sounds like the Pentacostals…

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