Has anyone noticed the gradual turn to the “left” of some late afternoon Fox News anchors lately?

I bring this point up because over the last couple weeks I have seen how a couple Fox News anchors that are on air late afternoon, early evening have turned. My question is…Is this Fox News deliberately telling them to shift focus to the “left” because of change or are these anchors having a change of heart towards Republicans and Trump.

I think it is a return to reality.

I think that when Fox News prime time and Fox & Friends are in the tank as badly as they are, anything resembling an acceptance of reality looks like a turn to the left.

Shep Smith has always been on the left

Name names, please.

Relative to who?

They have a year to go to prepare for life after trump. Time to hedge their bets. Some of you should do the same

Oh my god. This is terrible. What will The New Republican Party do without Fox News as their official State Media and propaganda arm?

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Continue their natural progression towards OANN and InfoWars? They are basically there already so…

It would be nice if the OP could provide a example or two.

Fox News should be 24 hours of Fox and Friends and just invite the opinion night time crew on as guests during the same time.


Reality has a well known liberal bias.