Has anyone noticed that farmers and other businesses aren't giving info to the government on illegals?

Or landscapers or painters or a million other small businesses.

I don’t see any mass attempt by business to help the government. I would think they would do it with other law breakers.

Why is that? A ton of those people are republicans/Trump followers. Why are they not helping Donald Trump identity illegals and send them back to their countries.

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Why isn’t the IRS enforcing the tax laws? They didn’t do it when either party was in the WH so it becomes obvious, it’s intentional on both sides of the aisle.

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If you see a person breaking the law do you normally call the cops?

If they’re breaking the law within your company do you call the cops?

To the first, it would depend on the egregiousness? To the second, laws aren’t broken.

Now what does that have to do with the IRS enforcing the laws?

What tax law is being violated?

Breaking the law within your company isn’t breaking the law?

Immigration law, not tax law… IRS has no jurisdiction

We’re gonna have a whole lot of posters in this thread try to point the finger at somebody else. They won’t want to address the OP.

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Same reason GOP states are against e-verify.

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Why should businesses sacrifice their own profits to do the government’s job? Hiring undocumented immigrants saves farmers and other businesses money. If government truly feels that removing undocumented workers from this country then they should put up the resources to do it themselves; not rely on businesses to sacrifice their own profits in order to make it happen, because that’s just not going to happen.

Thanks for making me read up on it again. My memory of the 1986 agreement placed additional authority in the IRS to enforce that law. The point is, it’s not being enforced by the authority responsible for enforcing it. The 1996 e-verify agreement isn’t either. Both sides of the aisle have failed the American people in fulfilling their promises. That’s why I want a wall built. Then…broken promises won’t be as costly.

Because the entire Trump push against immigration is a matter of optics rather than actual accomplishment.

To this point in their Presidences there had more deportations of undocumented aliens under President Obama than under President Trump. But Trump wants to create an image of protecting America from the invaders and an image of being a tough guy. And it has worked very well.

Trump’s base seems quite satisfied with a president who generates noise but gets very little done in reality. And Trump gets to act like a tough guy, which matters to him because he’s never been a tough guy in real life.

Its the Presidency as reality TV show. How everyone is enjoying it.


It would cut into profit margins and affect the bottom line.

You left out banks and businesses that cash checks.

CSB time. I used to work at a bank that was the bank for what at one point was the largest framing business in the central part of the state I live in. Every payday a caravan of cars and trucks would roll into the parking lot and we would cash paychecks for 85 to 100 employees and roughly 90% had green cards. In an effort to speed up the check cashing process we started sending a teller out to check ID’s and write the ID numbers on the back of the check. One week they noticed that three different people had the same picture, the only difference was the aspect ratios were different on each one, and the picture didn’t match any of the people trying to cash their checks, it was of another employee of this business.

When the manager was informed it was kicked up the chain of command, but out of fear of losing the business, we were told to just go ahead and cash the checks. The teller was mocked and belittled, and the branch manager wouldn’t sign off granting authorization for cashing checks with phony ID’s leaving the tellers to take the blame should something go wrong.

We started making copies of all the IDs to create a CYA file should something happen and upper management came looking for scapegoats. While there were some valid green cards we found a lot of fakes. We never did find out just how many were fake because when we started making copies, the people using green cards stopped coming to the bank.

Sure they will.

They will cost the billions it takes to build and man a useless wall.

So when sanctuary businesses refuse to run e-verify, does that mean people get to sue the business because they enabled an illegal alien to live in the country, drive drunk, rape our jobs, and steal our women?

If we can make the use of e-verify mandatory by law, then the government absolutely should go after businesses that refuse to run it.

What would businesses report?
They don’t know if an emplyeee is legal. They know “did the employee bring in paperwork”.

Or Trump National Golf Course here in Jersey.


And might said paperwork include ?


The Internal Revenue Service’s Publication 15 (Circular E, Employer’s Tax Guide)contains instructions for recording employees’ names and SSNs. The tax guide states that after an employee is hired, you should ask to see his or her Social Security card.