Has anyone listened to blogs from Scott Adams?

I have always enjoyed the Dilbert comics, and I decided to listen to some blogs from the creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams.

The blogs are a bit like political and social commentary from Dilbert. Adams looks at things mainly based on his knowledge and insights in how large organizations function or fail to function. I don’t always agree with his analysis, but I find his perspective refreshing.

What do you think?

Here is a recent blog with some topics of discussion:

Competing narratives about availability of COVID-19 testing 5:00
CNN poll about trust 13:35
Reporters required to wear masks at Trump press conferences 16:10
Spin about performance of Cuomo and Trump 20:00
No evidence of Russian hacking 26:10
#Obamagate branding and evidence 28:10
Why was Obama down on Russia but friendly towards China? 40:00
Coronavirus: No magic bullet but we have learned a lot 44:10
Flu deaths grossly overcounted 47:00
Supreme Court and Trump’s taxes, 49:45
Why the coronavirus creates a reboot akin to WWII 51:30
Bankruptcies not necessarily a big deal 55:00

sounds like he discusses everything we know

i’ll give a listen