Has anyone been following what happening to so-called Democracy Down Under?

And why I say police are not our friends?

Here is video of police jumping out of their armored vehicle shooting people with rubber bullets, hitting em with rifle stock and even kneeing em in the back once on the ground.

Here is video of cop chocking the hell out of a woman for her own safety.

I’m thinking Australia is going to need those weapons that Biden gave to Taliban.


Here is video of fascist cops harassing pair of old ladies enjoying the sunning afternoon at the park…sitting on park bench.


Here they’re readying to beat you to near death to protect you from covid.


How dare you being outside.

Get inside…


Yep…I think people of Australia going to need lots of guns, ammo and body armor.


You mean the ones their government took away from them?

Which government was that?

Did I not see headlines about the Australian government doing it?

In which year was that?

Not sure, why don’t you just tell me, I know you’re dying too lol.

That wasn’t the point I was making. For the record it was 1996 in the aftermath of the Port Arthur mass shooting that legislation was passed in the House of Reps and Senate with bipartisan support.

There have been many federal elections since that time and there has never been any significant push to water down that legislation. That will continue to be the case in Australia. Nothing that has happened in the past fortnight will change that.

What is the total percentage of covid cases in Australia since it all started. I hope you guys as well as New Zealand and a few get this right by trying to keep zero covid out. I mean this sincerely it’s hard not to see at the very least how good NZ has kept it out of their country. Singapore was doing much of the same thing and decided ■■■■ it were going to learn to live with it a week ago.

Australians are losing their country to the globalist conspiracy. The people are rising up against tyrannical control. Who will win?

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The Martian one.

It certainly wouldn’t be the current government. Right now.

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Complete and utter nonsense. Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, the ACT and the Northern Territory have all had elections since the start of COVID-19 pandemic.

Victoria and South Australia will go to the polls in 2022. New South Wales will go to the polls in 2023.

There will be a federal election by May, 2022 (most likely February or March, 2022).

The beginning of this thread has clips that purport to show police attacking people who aren’t complying with Covid measures.

The clips are posted to Twitter, and thus far I can’t confirm their provenance. Do you have any thoughts or insight?

I would recommend this link:

At Melbourne’s anti-lockdown protests, everyone has a different version of the truth - ABC News

How many governments are running Australia?

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We have a federal government, 6 state and 2 territory governments. At a more local level there are city, town and shire councils.

Who cares how many elections you have had since the Port Arthur incident gave your leaders the crisis they needed to begin disarming the citizens. Each administration since has taken those measures further and further, until now the sheep are defenseless against anything the government wants to do to them. You ought to be ■■■■■■■ alarmed as to what is going on now instead of making excuses for it. Your country today more closely resembles China than it does the democratic model of the UK it started with.