Harvey Weinstein convicted on two lesser charges, faces 5 to 29 years

Where did you guys get the idea that “process crimes” are somehow not real crimes?

You understand that the definition of a process crime is a crime against the process of justice - against the justice system itself. If anything, for people who believe in the Rule of Law, process crimes are worse than other crimes.


Uh huh. Obvious. She should probably be impeached. Maybe even jailed. Proof of a conspiracy! Connect the dots! Vengeance! TDS!!!

still no justification for the extreme sentencing

There’s nothing “extreme” about Manafort or Stone’s sentences.

In both cases, the sentence handed down was at the bottom end of the sentencing guidelines, and well in line with others convicted of the same crimes have recieved.

bullcrap. no guidelines exist to put people who arent flight risks in solitary for these crimes

sorry not stupid

Another 'stein down, plenty to go. lol

Of course they do. In jail, Manafort was kept “in solitary” not because the judge ordered it, but because he was afforded a significant number of privileges not given to any other residents of the jail. He was allowed a laptop, and unlimited use of a private phone.

Now that the trial is over and he’s been sentenced, he’s in the minimum-security camp at FCI Loretto - not in “solitary”.

Roger Stone was never in jail at all.

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Nah, pretty sure if he goes it’ll be self inflicted. He did this on his own.

Meh. :man_shrugging:

Do you equate solitary to having your own personal television, work station with internet access, a laptop, a private cell phone, unfettered access to attorney’s, and a private shower as being a negative in federal prison?

Honest question. Because that is what Manafort had in his “solitary confinement” that some continue to rage about.

Would you rather have had him in General Population with no access to a private work station, group showers, scheduled and time-restricted attorney privileges, no phone privileges, and a single television shared by all inmates on the respective cell bloc?

Knowledge is power. Or, continue to make funny victimization accusations. Either way, it’s irrelevant to those of us who understand reality and the facts. :slight_smile:

Jail, not prison. This was before his trial.

Other than that, I agree completely

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True. My mistake. Funny because without research I went back and forth in my head on how to qualify that. :slight_smile:

Probably important to note that Weinstein will end up in a New York State prison, not Federal Prison.

As a whole, New York prison’s are generally primitive and rough.

Their jails, particularly Ryker’s Island, can be even worse.

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If he makes it out of Bellevue of course. :wink:

Not a cult not a cult…

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Its funny TM is whining about something you or i could never hope to get if we were charged with similar crimes.

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Honestly with how much rich ■■■■■■■■ like twump, stone, and manafort are getting away with, anarchy is looking pretty good.

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this activist lefty judge, not to mention the lying trump hating jury foreman, used them to vent their own political spleen as they were caught up in a total sham investigation to begin with

i hope they both get pardons

would the swat team and cnn come for you in the wee hours?

who/what is not a “cult?”

or do you just slather bland insults now when you cant make non-idiotic contribution?