Harvey Weinstein convicted on two lesser charges, faces 5 to 29 years

Harvey Weinstein was acquitted of the most serious predatory rape charges, but was convicted of two lesser charges, first degree criminal sexual act in regards to one victim and third degree rape in regards to the other victim.

The first degree charge carries a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 25 years. The third degree charge carries no minimum and a maximum of 4 years. Thus he faces a minimum of 5 years in prison and a maximum of 29 years.

However, he is expected to receive a very lengthy term and if he receives the maximum term, he would be 96 years old on release if he survives that long. He likely will get a sentence in the 20 year range, with the idea in mind that he will die in prison.

He was remanded into custody upon his conviction by the jury. Tonight he is spending the first night of what will likely be the rest of his life in prison.

Another lib bites the dust.

Two tier justice system!..or something.

He’ll drag out appeals until he dies.

Headline this morning says he’s experiencing chest pains…

Sure, but at the hands of whackjob lib feminists who need a real man to teach them their proper role.


But I thought the criminal justice system always let liberals off. Explain please, because this is so confusing.

no youre confusing this with what happens to trump supporters by anti-trump judges in trials held in dc who give out sentences on the order of what weinstein got but for process crimes

May he rot

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To paraphrase Chief Justice Roberts, “There are no Trump judges, there are no Obama judges.” How do you know the judiciary better than he does.

This case was in New York State Court, not Federal Court.

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Amen. Apparently he is in the hospital with heart issues. Maybe his rotting will occur sooner rather than later.

her extreme decisions regarding stone and manafort show obvious particular disdain and hatred of trump associates.

what roberts says does not change that

she needs to be removed from the bench


Totally. Has nothing to do with the multitude of crimes committed by these horrific criminals. It’s all about some perceived victimization complex. Remove from the bench! She is mean to criminals!



There was nothing “extreme” about her decisions in either case.

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Both her demeanor on the bench and her decisions have been highly professional.


This appears to be the Trump approach: remove anyone who disagrees with Trump and his cult followers from the government. How is this not a revival of the Stalinist cult of personality?

gag orders. solitary confinement…

mm yeah, ok



middle aged, older men, process crimes

sorry. it’s obvious she is taking her anti trump vengeance out on these guys

post more laughing smilies tho!

thats not the reason i maintain she should be removed

Not extreme at all.

That’s what happens when you try to tamper with witnesses during your trial - your bail gets revoked, and the judge tells you to shut up.

It’s like you guys don’t even watch Law and Order.

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