Harvard rescinds admission to Parkland survivor over racist comments

Twitter (and other social media) will be the undoing of tons of people.

Harvard has quashed a kid’s prior acceptance to the school because of stuff he tweeted when he was 16.

I truly doubt that Harvard itself did the detective work to find this stuff. Everyone has enemies. And someone who is out to get you will remember stuff you’ve posted before.

This is the new paradigm. Keep your head low, folks!


Or one could not post dumb racist crap on their social media.

It’s really not asking much to keep racist comments off of social media. He should have known better and it cost him.

He apologized he should be given a second chance.

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Harvard didn’t do detective work, the story was broken by Huffton Post.

He was sixteen. And stupid.

His life shouldn’t be ruined over a tweet. He apologized for it. He’s not doubling down on the stupidity.

Society should say “that was stupid, but we will give you one more chance not to ■■■■ up.”

He isn’t being tossed in jail, but informed a college no longer believes he is a good fit for them. He’ll have plenty of opportunities at a wide variety of other schools if he was originally deemed worthy of Harvard admission.

How is his life ruined by not getting into Harvard? Maybe Yale will take him.

In my experience growing up in the 1990s and early 00s, people were generally a lot less racist when they were kids. Doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I really think the election of Obama had a lot to do with that.

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I’m grateful social media didn’t exist when I was a kid. We’ve all done and said stupid things. That said, what he willfully decided to post doesn’t help him at all - it’s pretty bad.

He can sort himself out and excel at a different school.

Were you ever this stupid?

“One screenshot shows Mr. Kashuv using a racial slur for African-Americans more than a dozen times.”

And let us be clear that we aren’t talking about a one time deal here. This kid was repeatedly on social media making posts absolutely filled with the N-word and anti-Semitic comments.

Yeah, zero pity. make your bed, lay in it.

No, never that stupid. Which is why I said his words were pretty damning. I have a hard time criticizing Harvard overmuch for the move, esp. since they have a policy in place for rescinding an admission whenever the applicant’s moral character is called into question.

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I tell my children all the time that social media is forever . Not that they’re doing this stuff but doesnt make a difference. Anything can affect your current or future schools and jobs. These kids today rely on their Instagram and snapchat stuff though

If you read the article. He turned down some scholar ships to other colleges (aka paying less for his eduction). Now that his Harverd invite has been pulled, it’s too late to get the scholarships again. Harverd has damaged him (if he does get into a college now, he won’t get scholarships and will have to pay more).

Not right of Harvard to look at one single thing from 2 years prior and say “due to ONE incident we can’t take you now.”

Harvard’s policy is clear - admissions can be revoked if they determine there’s a conflicting interest. Posting what he did certainly qualified as a conflict.

If your employer finds out that you post racist things on your social media, you can bet you are gonna be fired 90% of the time.

It’s not one incident. There are a number of posts in which the kid spews the N word repeatedly, refers to a fellow classmate as a “■■■■■■ jock”, and attacks Jews.

It’s one of the first thing prospective college students are warned about in high school.

Keep your social media clean.

And you’d be wrong…colleges DO hire people to do digging…