Harris won the first debate, just look at the polls

Her family were slave owners.

Only if the are trump supporters…anyone else is kosher

Are you responsible for things your family did?

Lol he isnt even responsible for his actions.
Go read the board.


Apparently yes…because of Harris family owned slaves.


That has not been proven according to this article.

You mean decriminalizing illegal border crossings and taxpayer funded healthcare for illegals is not as popular in the rustbelt as it California? On a serious note though it has been funny watching Joe Scarborough (vehemently anti-trump) go crazy ranting about this on twitter the past few days.

And even if they had, it’s her fault how?

Because it seems that so far it’s the only negative thing Trump supporters can hang on her.

And they really aren’t doing a very good job of that.

First off, thank you for staying on topic. I am seeing posters here going into different directions.

As far as I can see, Harris has a long way to go. Despite Biden’s weak performance (it hurt him in the polls), he’s still the Dem to beat and seen as the best chance to unseat Trump.

It has been pointed out by many commentators that the eventually nominee typically falls flat on the 1st outing and then gets progressively better. Perhaps Biden is playing chess here, and has decided to take the “sacrifice the pawn in the beginning” route here.

Now that Harris is registering in double digits, she is going to get tougher questions and will be under harsher criticism.

Far from it

“Kamala Harris, when questioned in the debates about deporting people who are in the U.S. illegally but have committed no other offense. Harris, who clearly welcomed the question, immediately and vehemently responded: “Absolutely not, they should not be deported.”

I could be wrong but this flirtation with open borders that no other democratic candidates even four years ago would entertain because it would be political suicide might come back and haunt them even against a clown like Trump.

I agree Harris has a long way to go. In my opinion (and it’s just that), I don’t see Biden getting stronger. His speeches have been a little weak. And I think he waited a little too long to get in. Harris and Warren both have some spark behind them. So does Bernie, but I think his spark isn’t as bright, kind of the way Biden is. Age is against them.

If it’s not obvious, I like Harris and Warren. But we’re still a long way from the end. Anything could happen.

Despite the fact you’re quick to jump on the open border scare phrase, that’s not what she said. She’s talking about people already here.

Funny how every post is a broadbrush from you.

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Does anyone know if kamala harris has paid reparations to the descendants of her families 'slaves??

Funny how libs deny who they are.

20 years ago they denied they were progressive…then they embrace it.
10 years ago they denied they were socialist…now they openly embrace it.
Now libs are denying they’re open border communist…but they will embrace that soon enough.

It’s how libs roll.

Not sure…but she does want us to pay for her family slaves.

It is funny. And incredibly accurate.