Harris won the first debate, just look at the polls

It’s official, the big winner of the June debate was Kamala Harris. Lets face it: She didn’t win the 1st debate for having the best policies or being the most liberal or progressive. She won because was the only candidate who landed any punches against Biden.

Before the debate, Harris was registering 4th in national polls and 5th place in the early primary/caucus polls around 7%. Now she’s registering in double digits and in 3rd place.

Just look at the post-debate RealClearPolitics polling averages:

Joe Biden 28%
Bernie Sanders 16%
Kamala Harris 15%
Elizabeth Warren 12%
Pete Buttigieg - 5%
Beto O’Rourke & Cory Booker - 2%
Julian Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar and Andrew Yang - 1%

Biden - 24%
Harris - 16%
Warren - 13%
Sanders - 9% (yikes)
Buttigieg - 6% (no longer in double digits)

Do you guys think she can maintain this momentum? We have seen her walk back her comments about wanting to abolish private health-care insurance.

Biden slipped in the polls because he did terrible in the debate. He wasn’t crisp. Not even close. And the one on one with Harris flummoxed Biden for the rest of the debate.

For Harris to maintain her momentum, she needs to define her policies and begin laying them out. It was only one debate. The second debate will begin separating out the wheat from the chaff.

Harris had a good showing and kind of took the reins as a member of the next generation of Democratic leaders. Neither Sanders or Biden did particularly well, which opened a lot of eyes. Both seemed to be a bit slow in their responses and just robotic…not really adapting to the situation.

She had a great showing, which is why ■■■■ like this is already starting to happen.


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I watched the debates…I don’t like anyone.

That’s an old story, and she did hire him. No russian links neceasary.

"Other members of the campaign team include: Marc Elias, general counsel; "

Harris has been defining herself and has been, in my view, the one with the most direct views. I like where she is going. And she hasn’t really begun to go into full battle mode.

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LOL @ Bernie :laughing:

I would love to see her debate Sniffles McWaveyarms. I think she would ■■■■■■■ pulverize him in a policy argument.

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I’m sorry- I agree with the NBC analyst that opined the winner of the Democratic debate was Donald Trump.

I get it the party often flocks in the direction of where their political core lies when selecting for a party nomination…but too many Dems in that debate espoused positions that will be hard to walk back in a general, and I do not believe those positions are shared by those swing voters that will make the difference in swing states.

I knew that Dems would start mistaking voters’ dislike of Trump as equivalent to liking their more liberal positions.

I saw nothing in this first debate that indicated anything other than they are indeed making that mistake.


this is a marathon. that’s like saying the winner of a baseball game is whose winning after the 1st inning.

Can you put that in English?

Harris better than Trump at being smart.

Thanks… :slight_smile: Yeah, I’d love to see that. She’d steamroller him.

I gave my reasons for why I detect some long term trends that may dictate how the game will unfold.

I dont think they will care…the general is a reset.

Funny how libs support open border, care more about illegals then Americans citizens and support a family that own slaves.

Harris owned a slave?

I guess you missed the part about her family.

I ask again … Kamala Harris owned a slave?