Harris abandons New Hampshire

Kamala Harris is on the way out.
She is closing her New Hampshire offices and hoping for a miracle in Iowa.
She won’t get it.


these dems are horrific.

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Harris was in the double digits until Tulsi Gabbard tore into her in the second debate.

she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.

She never recovered from that.


One more clown out of the way.


It doesn’t matter who President Trump beats in 2020.

Kamala’s biggest problem is Kamala.

It’s more satisfying to see some go down than others. Harris is the most obnoxious of the bunch…IMO.

Harris is done. Her own record killed her campaign.

A woman of color has zero chance in Homogeneous Hampshire, it’s whiter than Norway.


The Dem ticket continues to get older, richer, and whiter. :thinking:


She was an instant favorite for pulling the race card on Biden and then went nowhere. She’s a serial liar, has a shrill voice, a valley girl accent, and the Hillary cackle factor. She enjoyed showing off her sleazy lawyer tactics when questioning people during congressional hearings. Disqualifying. On the brighter side she can go back to the bay area, smoke weed and listen to 2pac.

Soon it might start to look like the Republican Party. :grinning:

May as well. Libs plagiarize everything else. lol

for sure. for one thing she has an earthquake level bitch vibe. right along with her level 10

Shame…but she should press for doj

lol hope she stays on long enough to get a nick name. Maybe I missed it.

She just might be the biggest phony in the field. And that’s saying something.

First the hispanic “beto” and now the fake “African American” kamala.

The next debate is gonna look like a 60s era dimocrat smoke-filled room.

With this current crop of dimwitted candidates, I am having a difficult time choosing my favorite looser.

If she managed to remain among the last 4-6 she’d have been eaten alive when they started bringing up her record particularly on such things as “CJ Reform”.

Like Beto she wasn’t running for POTUS, she was running to raise her profile and maybe make a deal for an appointment in exchange for her support.

Looks like Harris really got under trumper’s skin

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