Harding Street Raid

You guys know about this? Happened a year ago tomorrow.

This article says Tuttle shot at them, that may not be true.

Man, dog and his woman murdered by ■■■■ bag cops in a no-knock raid based on bull ■■■■. I don’t know why the Garcia woman was making false 9-11 calls. I’d like to. I hope we have a BIG trial.

Do we live in a police state?

how are no knock raid even legal.

There are a lot of people who don’t care if a citizen is killed if they are suspected of having drugs in the house, basically.

They shouldn’t be. It probably won’t change until a few more people try to defend themselves and get killed.

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HPD Chief Art Acevedo held a press conference on Wednesday at noon regarding the new charges against former members of his team.

“We have never been afraid of finding the truth as a police department,” Acevedo said. “Because our commitment is to the truth and our commitment is to the rule of law.”

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the chief first says this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

In the past, Acevedo maintained that he believed that the Houston narcotics offers had a reason to conduct the raid. He doubled down on that statement Wednesday.

“I stand by we had a reason to be in that house,” he said. “And just remember, what we said that we had a reason to be in that house and probable cause or suspicion to be in that house, there’s a reason we were there and that will all come out in due time.”

^^^^^^^^^^^ then this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

He’s in total CYA mode and it appears that the FBI will have to investigate the investigators to unveil the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

They should be unconstitutional. The police started off slowly using them in only the most extreme circumstances, but the government will always push until they get push-back.

Acevedo is LA garbage.

Hell my ex’s brother is a cop and we discussed no knock warrants one time over a beer. He despises it, especially when he had to be the point man. He made a clear point that it was never worth the risk to do it and the only reason he participated in them was because of orders from above.

Or kill a couple of LEO’s just doing a job carrying out the orders of somebody else who isn’t even at the scene.

I totes remember when Joe Grimaldi said that they have everyone’s number who criticizes police officers:

■■■■■■■ dirt bag.

a couple years ago in texas cops tried to serve a no knock warrant and the homeowner shot and killed a cop. he was found not guilty of all charges.

If a cop tries to serve a no knock warrant especially when a person would normally be sleeping and teh homeowner wakes up from the noise and shoots teh cop as far as im concerned its the cops fault unless there is clear evidence the homeoowner knew he was shooting at teh cops

Doesn’t happen often, but I entirely agree.

Time to legalize more drugs.

What garbage the average Joe & Jane put in their bodies is their circus & their elephant :elephant:

Problem solved.

There was a time in this country when warrants could only be served in daylight hours.

All of this sounds familiar, including that Acevedo person. :think:

That’s the only time they should be served. In daylight hours, a courteous knock on the door. If said person isn’t home you go to their place of work. If they aren’t there you try again the next day.

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It all started when agents of the state convinced the courts they need to “preserve evidence”.

And we let them do it.