Hard line Immigration bill fails in the house. (6-21-2018)

Why would any Democrat vote for full funding of Trumpwall?

Being Democrats and wanting open borders and a sanctuary country, they would not vote for it. But they cannot claim that they are not responsible for the bills failure.

That’s how incompetent Republicans are. They control all three branches of the federal government, both branches of Congress and still need to rely on Democrats to pass a Republican agenda


Why would the Ds vote for a bill so opposite their own agenda? That doesn’t make any sense.


You want the Ds to vote on something you have to give them something they like.

That is like saying the GOPs fault the Ds couldn’t pass single payer health care.


Agreed. Makes no sense at all.

A wall doesn’t do anything to get the FDVAs where they need to be.

Republicans put up a bad bill that they couldn’t get enough Republicans to vote for. Not. Democrats. Fault.

It tells me that there are a bunch of Republicans who think that spending taxpayer money on a wall is foolish.

Do you expect Democrats to vote for a bill they were given zero input on?

You mean Dems aren’t Repubs!? Holy hell stop the presses!

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When you hold the GOP to the same ridiculous standard you hold the Dems, we’ll start taking you seriously…


The interesting thing about this, of course, is that there’s probably a fair amount of generally popular legislation that could get passed through the House, if not for the Hastert Rule.

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Anybody who thinks the Democrats would not change the majority vote to 51 if they were in power to do what ever they want is very naive.
What happened to e-verify, anchor babies?
We should see who the republican weak links are so we can put people in their place that have a spine. Corporate American is running our immigration policies $$$$$, not we the people!!!

Maybe you should blame the people that wrote a bill that people don’t support.

It failed becuase it was a terrible bill.

You would have Dems voting for that POS.


Get 'em in. Get 'em legal. Get 'em to the polls!

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Hey nothing wrong with wanting American citizenship and being legal in this great land of opportunity.


Not if you promise to vote dem for the next 200 years.

Republicans are free to pass bills and fix stuff. Get to it!