Harassing Dan Crenshaw

She’s just another Biden-worshipping RINO swamp creature, trying to cancel a patriot.


Maybe Texas can start with keeping the lights on, then move on to the more complex stuff like hammering out individual treaties with other countries and creating its currency.

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Hey, If Texas seceding means Rafael Cruz is no longer in the Senate, I’m all for it.


Because if at first you don’t secede, try, try again.


Maybe they can get Trump to be their President if the new country of Texas makes Mar-a-Lago their ‘White House’.

Your party sure has called for the extermination of trump supporters. Maybe we need to make some special laws to protect them from members of your party.

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Divorce is messy and the people getting divorced say all sorts of crazy stuff about each other. People really need to quit posting stuff that is said during a divorce are some kind of fact. But partisans and partisan news sources will use any kind of crap they can for partisan gain.

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You are right there have been some extremists who have talked about that and they were wrong. Anyone making threats or advocating violence against others and property should be held accountable by the rule of law but who in the Democrat party has said this should happen?

What the what now?

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Laugh out loud. That’s kind of a different standard. Just a weeee bit.

Oh please, he didn’t even say whirlwind.

You’re going to deny that it’s Trump supporter hunting season? That you didn’t get your permit? It’s shocking that you would support this kind of talk from the left.

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Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving P.O.S.

He’s the type of guy who votes to bomb Libya into Chaos for unknown reason ans supports endless wars around the world.

When did the left start supporting endless wars, and neo-colonialism?

Are you joking? How many wars was Obama fighting?