Happy pride month...GOP acquiesces in culture war

Reality sets in.

This part of the cultures wars is over.

The liberals win again.

Better luck next time.


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Now on to losing the culture war that will be raging for the next decade over Trans issues.

I think it’s great.

No need to poke at them.

The GOP is typically 15-20 years behind the Democrats on this stuff but eventually see the light. They are basically right where Obama was in 2008, right? (“We like gays! They’re not gross! Not quite sure about that gay marriage though!”)

In 2036, the GOP will be fine with the trans stuff. Marijuana legalization will come a bit before that, as the GOP just crossed the 50% legalization barrier.

Not sure I’ll be allowed to walk around with no pants anytime soon though - doesn’t seem to be much support for the Dangle movement :frowning:


Trans the latest outrage.

I remember in 2002 here in the forum.

I was laughed at when I suggested same sex marriage as out of touch with reality.

It’s just a matter of time when trans is normalized in this society.


If gop do away with just a few of their drastic policies, they would beat dems every time.

  • gay rights
  • abortion rights
  • health care
  • recreational marijuana

Maybe when these old gop leaders die off, things will change. They just don’t die fast enough because of socialized health care they get!

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Personally, I have no problem with “trans issues”…until it affects children. This issue is way beyond the maturity of anyone under 18. It’s a life-long decision and there are too many influencers making the decision for the child, before the child is ready to make it for themselves as an adult.

When will they get over CRT as a boogeyman?

Sadly, going through puberty becomes an issue for those who are experiencing gender dysphoria.

There is just no way around it.

There is also this myth that it is trendy… it isn’t.

There is no excuse in this. No surgery of any kind to their genitals until they turn 18.

That doesn’t happen.

What does happen is puberty blockers. The medical guidelines prohibit any hormonal treatment that would be the least bit irreversible until over 16 and bars surgery until after 18.

All of this is done with permission of the parents with guidance of a doctor.

Notice how all of a sudden today’s right finds a situation where they are against parents having control over health decisions regarding their children?

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What issues with trans besides what bathroom they want to use?

Parents don’t have rights to make these decisions about their kids in this case?

We need to Save Women’s Sports!

Oh that. I didn’t think it was a left/right issue. You would think common sense would prevail there.

Common sense would be to have a discussion about it.

You would think guys wouldn’t be welcome in women’s sports. But the other way around would be perfectly fine. I don’t know how you deviate from that.

There’s still Hell to pay.


Hillary Clinton until 2013.