Happy New Year!

What are some of the things in 2019 that Democrats and Republicans should get together on?

Here is to everybody having a trumptastic new year!!

Recognizing Donald’s utter unfitness for the office he currently holds would be a splendid start.

I’m hoping for a Trumptastic New Year! Thank You!

Sounds good in general!

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Happy New Year everyone. Seattle had another awesome fireworks show from the Space Needle.

The weather was great for it too, not raining like it was in NY.

Hope this is a good year for everyone.


Goodbye 2018.

Cold (for the desert) and drizzling rain here. The locals were utterly befuddled, figured that Winter had come and the White Walkers were on the march, so it was a quiet evening.

Ol’ Andy laughed.

Ol’ Andy cried.

Ol’ Andy knew things would get worse before they got better.

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Happy New Year, everyone. Wishing all a happy, fulfilling, and successful year ahead.

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Happy New Year!

We got a beautiful snowfall last night. Today the sun is out and the world is sparkling and white!


Pence 2019.

Happy New Year.

Nancy 2019