Happy Flag Day, America

Happy #FlagDay, #America. I just wanted to offer my respect to our flag, our country, and our creator. God Bless the USA.


No…happy birthday to my daughter…shes 20 today put your flag out for Bridgette Kay.

When she was little we told her everyone put their flags out for her on her birthday. She believed us into she was six.


Happy birthday to Bridgette Kay. An honour to be born on Flag Day.

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Happy birthday Bridgette Kay!

Thanks for the reminder Bosun.

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Usually my flag stays up from Memorial Day til after the 4th. I’m slipping. :blush:

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Awsome…thanks Piper and Bosun!

I always liked the original better.


Happy flag day. Don’t let it be a drag.

Wow only one more year until she can have what I’m sure will be her very first beer!

My sister and I celebrated our 21st birthday in Kharkov, where the day before I saw a 14 year old kid buy a bottle of vodka off the back of a truck.

Yay. :slight_smile:

Texas Independence Day.
Sam Houston’s Birthday

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