Happy Bastille Day

The French national holiday of Bastille Day—celebrated each year on July 14 , or le quatorze juillet—may spell fireworks and and a large military parade for some, but for most, it still marks the anniversary of the storming of a grand fortress that was infamous for holding political prisoners.

Roger Stone better have party tonight.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

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Trump stormed the fortress :rofl::rofl:

Free all political prisoners

OMG why does everything have to be about Trump! GGGRRRRRRR AAAAARRRRRGH :rofl:

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Just playing bro.


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@anon14033751 I was watching the wolves of Yellowstone on National Geographic last night. Man that was good.

Is that available on Netflix?

It was national geographic channel. Part of my cable package.

Here I think it may be @anon14033751


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Another @anon14033751 this is better.