Happy Anniersary, from Planned Parenthood

“Join Planned Parenthood Illinois Action (PPIA) and Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC (PPIA PAC) as we celebrate the Roe v. Wade Anniversary event on Thursday, January 23rd.”


And 1000 more lives will be snuffed out at PP clinics today.

Media seem to be downplaying today’s anniversary. But PP are gung-ho to celebrate their blood business.

They probably served fine wines and savory salads for the occasion.

Death, particularly of baby girls, is something to celebrate?! ■■■■ that ■■■■■


Totally disgusting. Celebrating the genocide of the unborn.

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Celebrating the freedom to legally and safely obtain a medical service.

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Certainly not safe for the unborn baby. Disgusting.


Celebrating the deaths of handicapped babies in western countries and female infants in parts of Asia.


You prefer coat hangers and dark alleys, or just dislike reality?

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woman are going to get abortion if it legal or not.

It appears those who claim the mantra of pro choice aren’t so pro choice after all—unless the choice you make is the choice they would make, to kill such a child.

What is this trash going to invite us to celebrate next? Euthanasia of unwanted pets? Execution of murderers? Everyone go celebrate these events with pate de foie gras and Pino Grigio?

Disgusting human beings with a disgusting ideology that may start with handicapped individuals, then before you know it being female, or likely to carry a treatable illness, will be considered a handicap and “a mother’s freedom to use these test results to determine what’s best for her family.”

:face_vomiting:. I used to have some respect for Planned Parenthood for the medical care they do provide in poorer communities. I could overlook their offering of abortion even though I’m against the choice unless the mother or baby has low survival prospects.

But celebrating death?! That’s as low as anyone can go, & I no longer support this group.

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Tisk tisk. That only applies to criminals and gun control.

Funny no one who is so “pro choice” ever mentions the adoption option. This actor, Earl Holliman, —still alive at 91–was placed for adoption by his widowed mother who had a large family, and he’s gone on to not only perform but endorse vegetarianism as well as various animal rights causes. He’s very conservative politically.

No one ever mentions adoption as an option, just death for baby and/or mother. Abortion threads are disgusting.

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I 100% support adoption over abortion.
but its not my choice unless its my child.

You keep dodging reality.

Pro-choice people discuss adoption all the time - and pretty much universally support it.

I could never personal get an abortion, i would do my best to talk with my partner about the benefit of adoption but its not my choice.

It’s not even the abortion—miscarriage & abortion are realities of some pregnancies. Baby is carrying, let’s say, anencephaly, or absence of all but the stem of the brain, & parents opt to terminate.

Heck, a mother duck senses one of her eggs won’t hatch, she cracks it. Death, sometimes before or even immediately following such a birth, is a fact of life.

It’s the idea of inviting others to come and celebrate legalized death or really certain ends that is, IMO, so ghoulish.

Does anyone seriously celebrate divorce? I suspect they’re too busy with such concerns as less income.

How about the euthanasia of a long term animal companion? Somehow I’m not seeing a block party to celebrate that; too many tears.

Has anyone seriously had a party at their workplace to celebrate layoffs or other employment termination? What did the fired employee do that was so special it merited a party?

But come and celebrate the anniversary of legally ending a life before it’s even drawn a breath?! The idea that anyone might accept such an invitation is disturbing.

They aren’t celebrating “abortion”. Surely you can figure that out.

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Of course they are. It’s celebrating the RvWade anniversary.

You guys can pretend to soft-pedal it, but it’s all about abortion. And it is sinister to its core.

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no they are celebrating their right to choose.
If Republican spent half the money and half the time they use trying to repeal and ban abortion teaching safe sex and prompting adoption they would drastically lower the abortion rate in America.

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