Hannity to Host the 2020 Presidential Debates on Fox News

Sean Hannity will host the 2020 Presidential debate on Fox News.

There is absolutely no reason at all to continue the farce of the previous debates where Progressives control the engagement.

The LMSM burned their trust and simply cannot be allowed to be relevant


Is there a link for this?

Yeah, I’d like to see a link too.

Hmmmm thanto and Frank? Interesting…




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I completely agree with you. Donald Trump should refuse to do any debates that aren’t moderated by someone who will be fair to him.


Call it a prediction on my part.

There’s no link, it’s just what’s coming

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His opponent at the last debate was given the questions in advance and likely wore an ear piece to get input.

Done. Over. Finito.

We’ve appeared on CNN, let the Progressives appear on Fox

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CNN is a news network.

Fox, with a few exceptions, is pretty much all propaganda when it comes to their major shows in the morning and evening.

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So, fake news, then. Irony.


Please bookmark this for when the announcement is made

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I won’t. Thanks, though.

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I already did. This theory sounds legit. Why would Donald Trump agree to do a debate with moderators who are completely and totally unfair to him? Honestly, he should probably be given the questions in advance because of past precedent regarding Clinton.

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Maybe even more fair if we just declare Trump the winner right now?


Based upon their coverage CNN “news” would have Avenatti/Comey as a surefire democrat Party ticket in 2020

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Trump got questions in advance as well…

Your point?

Dude you are being awesome!! Lol


The ironing

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Good God, man.


You honestly believe Trump will agree to do debates with moderators that are going to ask him unfair questions? He’s the President of the United States. Why should he allow unfair people to question him? He didn’t even allow questions from Mueller.

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