HANNITY TO COMEY: What Part of the Espionage Act Did Hillary Clinton NOT Violate?

Originally published at: HANNITY TO COMEY: What Part of the Espionage Act Did Hillary Clinton NOT Violate? | Sean Hannity

Fox News’ Sean Hannity suggested a series of pivotal questions for disgraced FBI Boss James Comey should he testify before Congress Monday night; demanding to know which part of the Espionage Act did Hillary Clinton NOT violate.

“I have my own questions for Jim Comey: What does the Espionage Act say? What part of that did Hillary Clinton not violate? Why was the language changed in the exoneration that was written for Hillary Clinton? Why was Clinton allowed to have other people in the room when the FBI questioned her?” asked Hannity.

“Why were her aides offered immunity? Why did you accept Attorney General Lynch’s description of the Clinton investigation? How many times were you warned that the Steele Dossier was unverified?” he added.

Clinton made national headlines last week when she posted instructions for illegal immigrants on social media to evade capture from US immigration agents.

Por favor comparte: pic.twitter.com/HYQhf9i218

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 11, 2019

“Por favor comparte,” said Clinton; Spanish for “Please Share.”

AOC posted similar instructions earlier Thursday.

“ICE will launch raids across 10 major cities this SUNDAY. Check your neighbors & know your rights. Remember: no one can enter your home without a *judicial warrant.* Sometimes ICE will try to show other papers to get in your house. Judicial warrants are from a court,” posted AOC on social media.

“No matter who you are or what your status is, this is the United States of America – where ALL people have rights. Know yours. Prepare. Visit (link: http://WeHaveRights.US) WeHaveRights.US to learn how to handle this & other ICE encounters in multiple languages,” she added. “f people come knocking, you do NOT have to open your door unless there is a signed judicial warrant. Check the site above to learn how to handle your rights in 4 scenarios in 7 different languages.”