HANNITY: The Mueller Fishing Expedition is Desperate for Dirt, Any Dirt on Trump


Is a storm coming?


This fishing expedition keeps landing lunkers.


To me it looks like it, I’m looking at the crimes committed by these people!

Spy gate, FISA abuse, Uranium One, Chinese hacking Hillary’s server and Strzok’s ignored it, pay to play, Clinton foundation.


Are you calling our gracious host Sean Hannity a liar? I think you are!


Why are all the little squealers and snowflakes…well, you know.

BTW, it’s the 5th. What’s this big deal that’s supposed to be happening today? Oh, wait…TAKE the 5th. That’s what it was all about…I see.


You’re free to think anything you like.


Are you trying to bait and ban? I think you are!


ah, give them a break. The QAnon types are trying to regroup after todays face plant.


Lol - wee wah.


Did Hubernado happen?


That can never be stated too many times!


So we are down to 7 hours left on this 5th of December here where I live.

You were predicting something fun for this 5th of December, right?

Or were you channeling Glenn Beck after the Boston Marathon bombing?


For the OP.

To eliminate my confusion.

Is legitimate Special Counsel Robert Mueller on a “fishing expedition” or is he on a “witch hunt”?



Stuff happens,


Apparently the passing of 41 means nothing to you.


And more importantly, stuff doesn’t happen.


Or when to expect it!


Oh I get it. You’re part of the hoax, you don’t actually believe this stuff. You’re just playing a game on the internet.


His legacy and his passing meant a lot to me! See his Funeral Thread. That is why I would never have ever thought to idiotically use his passing and or his funeral and memorial services as some basis for promoting some super idiotic “Mueller-Deep State” conspiracy BS. The way that you did do that, in turn shows he meant nothing to you; disrespecting his legacy and Presidential farewell the way that you have.



Hussein ruined the country in just 8 short years.