HANNITY: The left’s Kavanaugh Tactics Should Disgust Every American | Sean Hannity

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is fighting back and standing up for his good name and his reputation, and he is demanding a fair process. He says he won’t be intimidated.

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We all want the judge to defend himself. Justice is not always pleasant. People have been known to lie. We have no choice but to give each side their day in court. Like Hillary said, believe women until evidence comes forth that proves her wrong. For many women this is not fake news.

This is a smear campaign pure and simple. Reminds me of an episode of In the Heat of the Night titled Perversion of Justice. In the story line a teacher was accused of molesting a child. The local paper printed an article that basically condemned him without evidence. Watch the last few minutes of the following clip and see if it has a ring of truth to what is happening to Judge Kavanaugh.

Let’s see…what’s the Right’s record on supporting women who have been sexually abused/harassed…hmmmmmmmmmm